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Making sense of our political hell every Friday. Launched from the anti-Brexit movement in 2017, Oh God, What Now? (formerly Remainiacs) has become one of Britain’s most entertaining political voices. With top quality guests and analysis, and poor quality jokes, we make the unbearableRead more

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DePfeffel Pig and the Very Hard Speech

Nov 26 • 01:02:55

As Johnson makes a pig's ear out of his speech to the CBI, and with unrest sizzling on the Tory backbenches over social care, is the Prime Minister in danger of getting smoked out, or can he use red meat to buy off his MPs? Plus continental Europe is facing a fourth wave of COVID, reaching case rates the UK has seen for months! Will Britain avoid another lockdown, and are ...

From Here to U-Turnity

Nov 19 • 01:00:45

Welcome to the House of Funds… Parliament’s sleaze scandal rolls into yet another week. But have no fear! Boris Johnson has announced plans to reform the rule for second jobs MPs can do, and this time it’s totally going to work, you guys. Gracie Mae Bradley from human rights group Liberty joins us to discuss the week’s news... ...

Sleaze Latest: Two Jobs Good, One Job Bad

Nov 12 • 01:07:28

Vultures circle as the Owen Paterson scandal disintegrates into a circular Tory firing squad featuring Geoffrey Cox (hon. member for the Virgin Islands), vengeful whips, an absentee unmasked PM… and a collapsed Conservative poll lead. Plus COP26 winds down, we talk to PETER STOTT, author of Hot Air to find out how climate denial has morphed into a campaign to smear climate...

BONUS TASTER: Doomsday Watch with Arthur Snell

Nov 10 • 11:41

A sneak peak at a brand new series from the producers behind Oh God, What Now? To hear more, visit

Their Owen Worst Enemy

Nov 5 • 01:06:22

“A bingo card of Tory sleaze…” It’s COP26 week so naturally the Tory Government puts the recycling out – bringing back 90s corruption by overturning the suspension of self-enriching paid lobbyist MP OWEN PATERSON. What were they thinking, will it bite them back in the end, what exactly were Randox getting for their money, and can we consign “standards in public life” to th...

Bilge Back Better

Oct 29 • 01:02:37

The Government sanctions explosive leaks of noxious material, leaving the country nauseated. But enough about the Budget. As National Sewage Week comes to a glorious end, we reach around the political S-Bend to see what Rishi Sunak has left in Britain’s economic pan. Also we welcome guest MICHAEL BRADDICK, author of 'A Useful History of Britain: The Politics of Getting Thi...

Politicising a Tragedy

Oct 22 • 01:04:39

MPs want the Online Harms Bill to be tightened to take in “hateful speech” – yet the murder of David Amess appears to have had nothing to do with social media. Are they trying to insulate themselves from criticism. Special guest, news and policy blogger David Allen Green, joins us to look at the fallout from David Amess’s killing, plus the confirmation that, yes, the UK go...

Frosty the Conman

Oct 15 • 01:01:12

Brexit’s back! Unelected bureaucrat Lord Frost resurrects the nightmare by tearing into the disgraceful deal and NI Protocol negotiated by dastardly unelected bureaucrat Lord Frost. Wait til he finds that guy… Plus, Johnson re-enacts the late 70s by going on holiday during a national crisis and unfortunately misses the interim COVID report which pins a large chunk of blame...

Bonus: OH GOD, WHAT ELSE? taster mini-cast

Oct 13 • 18:50

An extra for Oh God What Now listeners! Every Monday morning we put out an exclusive, brand new microcast for our Patreon backers, called (inevitably) OH GOD, WHAT ELSE? Our regulars tide you over between episodes by talking about politics but also politics-adjacent stuff like movies, food and the terrible decisions they’ve made in life. Here’s a supercut taster edition so...

The Blather’s Grim – Tory conference with guest David Gauke

Oct 8 • 01:06:02

As the Conservatives drift through a self-congratulatory conference, special guest David Gauke – former Conservative Justice Secretary, now rōnin of old-school Toryism – joins us to sieve Johnson’s speech for an atom of real content. Plus, does the BBC’s Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution give us new insight into the TBGBs? And after Facebook goes down, would we miss...

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