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Office Hours is a time we've set aside to discuss ideas we're thinking about at Peopledesign and issues we experience first-hand with customers about business value, brand perception, and service design.

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17. Please Rate Your Experience

Jan 25 • 49:06

Experiences are hard to define. Sure, we can describe them: good or bad, memorable or bland, rated on a scale from one to five. Many people are exploring the frontiers of the experience economy with increasing intensity: customer experience, user experience, employee experience, learner experience, and so on. Yet human experience, which is a product of our consciousness it...

16. What's The Problem

Dec 30 • 49:44

People have opinions. We like to question things, whether we say it out loud, under our breaths, or keep it bottled up inside. It can be harder to know where opinions come from, or where they might lead us.

In our minds, we employ a version of the scientific method: We observe, ask questions, create a theory. We’re not always rigorous about it. The data aren’t incomplete an...

15. Customer Experience Systems

Nov 9 • 55:25

Customer experience management is about balancing the needs of customers and organizations. The work often starts with walking in a person’s shoes to better understand their point of view. People are complicated, and serving them well isn’t easy. CX systems can become complex, but the right ingredients can make for a better recipe.…r-experience-system...

14. Essential Brand Building Steps

Oct 27 • 36:02

Recently, Peopledesign's president,">Kevin Budelmann, was invited to be a guest on the On Branding Podcast, hosted by Arek Dvornechuck, a brand design expert based in New York and focused on branding and logo design. Arek interviews Kevin and the two dive into the second edition of our book, Brand Identity Essentials.  Listen to the episode to hear K...

13. UX Principles at Work

Oct 7 • 52:34

Built environments are places made by people that support human activity and part of everyday experience in our modern world. Physical, digital, or hybrid experiences are part of what’s next. The future may echo the past but is forged in the present.

Maturing concepts in digital design are a helpful source of input. As we better understand user behavior and experience, the ...

12. Unbundling Education

Aug 31 • 54:30

Education is at a crossroads. Students, parents and everyone else feels it. One way to innovate is to unbundle and repackage offerings into new categories where people derive the most value. It can be hard to think this way given how we typically think about higher education, but it’s already happening in nearly every other industry.

In the coming years, or perhaps months, ...

11. Human-Centered Design in a Time of Crisis

Aug 17 • 25:13

Last week,">Kevin Budelmann was invited to be a guest on The Tom and Bob Show. Kevin joins Tom DeWitt, Ph.D. the Director of CXM Michigan State University and Bob Kiple, MBA, a retired General Motors Global Customer Experience Strategist for interviews and discussions about topics in the world of customer experience management. Tom and Bob also serve...

10. Experiences, Large and Small

Aug 6 • 47:58

Why do we talk about customer experience? Customers have had experiences since there were customers, so why is CX a topic today?...

9. Balance

Jul 15 • 52:10

Organizations, employees, and customers should be in balance. The symbiotic relationship between these three entities is vital for stability, growth, and long-term success. It’s difficult to achieve and maintain. ...

8. Accelerated Change

Jun 23 • 01:05:38

From haircuts to concerts, everyone wants to go back to the way things were before the lockdown. Even at the scale of this crisis, it’s tempting to think of it as a blip or an anomaly, but things are not likely to go back to normal. Our new reality is forcing change and accelerating changes already underway. The full article is available here, on our blog.

Peopledesign is a...

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