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Be part of the conversation, and listen as host, Jomiro Eming, chats to some of the most successful thought-leaders in tech to discover how they hack their careers, and how they approach difficult tech problems. 🦄The OfferZen Podcast unpacks the tips and tricks from the best in tech. Learn howRead more

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#79 Julian Springer, Singular Systems: A Structured Approach to Prioritise Your Developer’s Career Growth

Feb 25 • 37:50

Many developers say that growth opportunities are one of the most important things for them when it comes to staying in a job. However, for a tech lead figuring out how to cater for everyone’s career goals can be hard. That’s why Julian Springer, Technical and Career Manager at Singular Systems, has set up ‘contribution sessions’ with his developers every month to track pr...

#78 Calvin Hawkes, ex-Trivago: Lessons in Product Leadership from Startup to Enterprise

Feb 24 • 35:52

When scaling one’s responsibilities as a tech leader, it can be hard to not feel anxious about whether or not you have the leadership experience you need to thrive — be it moving from startup to enterprise, or vice versa. Calvin Hawkes, former Product Lead at Trivago, says that even though he moved from a startup to an enterprise, his experience as a product lead at a star...

#77 Ashley Sanders, Signific: How Remote Leaders Can Lead Their Tech Teams Asynchronously

Feb 23 • 32:34

Being a remote leader is hard enough, but being a remote leader in a different time zone is even harder. Ashley Sanders is Signific’s Director of Tech, and sits roughly eight hours behind his tech team, in another country. In this conversation, he shares the operating system he’s developed for himself, and his team, to ensure that he is not a blocker to his team’s producti...

#76 Mike Scott, NONA: Strategies for Remote Tech Leadership That Build Connection, Support, and Visibility

Feb 23 • 55:08

As tech teams around the world embrace remote work to varying degrees, tech leaders need to adapt their leadership to suit the new environment. Understanding what that means in practice, however, is hard. Mike Scott, CEO and co-founder at NONA, learned an important lesson in his time as a remote leader, namely that: Remote leadership is not the same as remote work, and str...

#75 Richard Bailey, Entersekt: How Entersekt Designed Their Team Around Their Product Architecture

Feb 19 • 44:39

When communication structures and organisation design happen by accident — ie. they are not set up in parallel to each other — it tends to result in greater cognitive loads on developers, slower development speeds, and suboptimal workflows and productivity. This is why Richard Bailey, Executive VP of Engineering at Entersekt, used intentional organisation design to constru...

#74 Chiedza Muguti, Penta: How to Build a Succession Plan and Make Your Team More Autonomous

Feb 4 • 52:18

Being a leader can make it hard to take time off, and feel confident that your team will continue to thrive without you there. Chiedza Muguti, Head of Product at Penta, experienced this first hand when she had to take 10 weeks of medical leave, and saw how her team's systems failed when she wasn't around. Since then, she has set up a competency framework and a succession —...

#73 Mark Deubel, Elastic: How to Use Collaboration to Engage With Devs More Meaningfully

Feb 3 • 50:14

Many technical recruiters acknowledge that hiring developers is particularly hard. They often don’t have a background in tech, and traditional approaches to recruiting often don't work because of how a developer thinks and what they're looking for in their careers. That's why Mark Deubel, Senior Tech Recruiter at Elastic, has found it useful to collaborate with his hiring ...

#72 Ed and David O'Reilly, NONA: 3 Tips for Finding ‘Unicorns’ by Making Technical Interviews More Interactive

Jan 27 • 39:09

Technical interviews are part of most companies' hiring process, and are one of the most important stages. But Ed O’Reilly and David O’Reilly, COO/Co-founder and CTO at NONA respectively, have found that they’re often limited in focus, and treated as a screening procedure more so than an engagement opportunity. In their experience, this reduces their efficacy and negativel...

[Special episode!] #71 Attracting Remote Talent: Why Telling Your Company Story Matters

Jan 20 • 18:35

While your talent pool for high quality developers increases when you open up your hiring remotely, so does the competition. Now, companies across the world — from small startups, to ‘big tech’ — are trying to attract the same developers. In this audio documentary, we get advice from the best in tech hiring at Codility, Recruitee, and co., and unpack what companies getting...

#70 Sadhana Gopal, Independer: 5 Ways to Measure the Value of Your Tech Transformation

Jan 11 • 55:32

Undergoing a tech transformation is a big undertaking for any tech team. Sadhana Gopal, Engineering Manager at Independer, has learned that being able to measure the value of the transformation is just as important as the technical roadmap you create for actually carrying out the transformation. She unpacks how she measures the value of a tech transformation while it’s hap...

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