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Ready to shake things up? Kaitlyn is creating a space where girls (and gents) can feel empowered to be themselves... because there's more to life than Instagram, right? Kaitlyn isn't afraid to keep it real as she talks with her amazing guests! Get ready for lots of laughs, candid convo, tabooRead more

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Grape Therapy: Recapping from the Classroom with Ms. Michelle Young

Dec 2 • 01:09:39

Will the person who nominated Michelle to go on The Bachelor please stand up? Because we still don’t know how this gem of a human ended up on our TV screens, but we’re so thankful that she did! Michelle and KB are reunited to talk about this week’s episode of The Bachelorette and how it feels for both of them to watch it back after experiencing the highs and lows IRL. Ms. ...

David Anthony: Level up with hypnosis

Nov 30 • 01:09:07
Kaitlyn put out into the world that she wanted to be hypnotized and within days there was a hypnotist arriving for an in-person studio recording getting hypnotized right here on Off the Vine. Talk about manifesting! Vino/fan favorite hypnotist, David Anthony, joins Kaitlyn to talk about the power behind hypnosis for not only entertainment, but also healing, growth and leve...

Bridin’ Dirty in DC with “Plié Pirouette Poppy” Justin Glaze

Nov 25 • 42:18
We’re coming in hot from the nation’s capital with the one-and-only Justin Glaze! So hot that Justin needed an iced coffee (but KB still will do hot, thank you). Kaitlyn and the Vinos put Justin on the spot with the questions everyone needs answers to including is he dating anyone, would he date Katie again (this was on Saturday, FYI), what are his non-negotiables, his wor...

The Bachelorette: Bridin’ Dirty in New York with Robyn Schall

Nov 23 • 41:53

It wouldn’t be a true bachelorette party without our in-house news expert, comedian-extraordinaire, and part-time Uber driver, Robyn Schall! Robyn is on stage with KB, penis-themed gifts in hand, to hang out with the vinos live in New York and you’re getting to listen in on what went down. Kaitlyn and Robyn are playing some games you wouldn’t likely expect at a bachelorett...

Grape Therapy: Bachelorette Recap with Sensitive Singing Ginger JP Saxe

Nov 18 • 01:00:27

If the world was ending, you’d watch The Bachelorette with me, right? Grammy-nominated singer songwriter JP Saxe joins Kaitlyn to talk about his career, his lovely girlfriend who got him into the Bachelor franchise, and this week’s episode of The Bachelorette! Kaitlyn and JP have a lot in common: they’re both currently on tour, they both are Canadian, and they both agree t...

Shawn Johnson East: Athletes are human

Nov 16 • 01:00:24
Olympic gold medal gymnast, Shawn Johnson East, who last joined Kaitlyn (and Jason) on Off the Vine with her husband on a “double date” after baby #1, joins her again after baby #2! Shawn shares about the chaos of having two littles, what motherhood has taught her, how lucky she got with an “easy” second baby but how no one talks about how hard kids are on your relationshi...

Grape Therapy: Bridin’ Dirty in Chicago with Andrew Spencer

Nov 11 • 49:39

Andrew and Kaitlyn are reunited on the mic, and isn’t it ironic? We’re giving you just a few of the highlights from our Bridin’ Dirty live tour stop in Chicago, and we couldn’t ask for a better guest than the gentleman that is Andrew Spencer... even though he might not know who Barbara Walters and Alanis Morissette are. The two are hanging out with the vinos, playing a gam...

Cody Rigsby: The Struggle is the Motivation

Nov 9 • 01:07:29
He may be known as one of Peloton’s OG instructor’s but he might soon get a new title of Mirrorball champion on Dancing with the Stars! Kailtyn’s secret crush, Cody Rigsby, joins her to talk about the very uphill battle of his time on #DWTS as well as very difficult obstacles he faced growing up that have shaped him into who he is today. He and his dance partner were requi...

Grape Therapy: The Awko-Taco Bachelorette Recap with Elyse Myers

Nov 4 • 01:08:28
Elyse Myers, best known as the girl who paid for 100 tacos on the most awkward first date ever and who also makes hilarious videos of her husband “not watching” The Bachelorette, joins Kaitlyn to recap this week’s episode of Michelle’s season! But before they get to that, they dive into how the hell the taco situation came to be, how she got out alive, how she gets herself...

Hannah Dasher: Bologne sandwiches to a young Matthew McConaughey

Nov 2 • 52:43
A woman whose personality might be larger than even her hair, H to the damn to the D, Hannah Dasher joins Kaitlyn for an interview that is packed full of big laughs by both. Hannah’s confidence and witty sense of humour is almost too much to handle as she catches Kaitlyn off guard with some of her hilarious responses and pokes fun at herself for all that she’s been through...

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