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Capturing and sharing ocean sailing stories and adventures. The Ocean Sailing Podcast site is designed for people who love to cruise, race or explore the worlds oceans. Its also for those yet to experience the joy of sailing and those no longer able to cast off their dock lines and head for theRead more

Popular episodes

Matt Harvey – Buys 70-foot expedition yacht 'sight unseen' in Tahiti

Oct 17 • 01:02:03

I met Matt Harvey in June 2021 when he joined me onboard Silver Fern as Chief Mate on the 600nm passage from Southport to Hamilton Island, Queensland. With the various challenges that unfolded along the way, Matt proved himself as a capable and composed skipper, especially under pressure....

Maryanne and Kyle Webb - 5 Pacific Crossings and a catamaran cruising tale

Aug 22 • 01:25:39

With a dream to sail the Atlantic one day, Maryanne (Scotland) met Kyle (USA) in 2002 and setting abut turning her dream into reality. They kicked their adventures on a 25 foot monohull on Lake Eerie and 19 years later they have not only crossed together but have also crossed the Pacific 5 times and have spent the last decade as live aboard cruisers. They share the tales o...

David Hows: Aground for 10 hours on the mud in crocodile country

Aug 13 • 01:38:31

David Hows shares an update on his 72-foot expedition yacht project - Silver Fern, with details of the last 6-months including the Americas Cup, the 10-month certification process with Maritime New Zealand, big budget blow-outs on the refit. David dives into some of his early sailing adventure challenges on Silver Fern including; a forced lee shore anchorage in a heavy wea...

Jack Griffin - Its showtime: Luna Rossa vs ETNZ in Americas Cup 36

Feb 26 • 01:21:07

I catch up with America's Cup analyst and expert - Jack Griffin from and we dive into the AC75 class, the shocks and surprises to date and the rocky road to the America's Cup Match in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2021 and what the future holds for the Auld Mug....

David Hows – Episode 100: Silver Fern Project Update & Limited Membership Opportunity

Dec 30 • 01:02:09

In episode 100 of the Ocean Sailing Podcast, David Hows dives into his latest ‘Silver Fern’ 72-foot expedition yacht project and does a big update on the past 4 months of long days and unexpected obstacles, that included unplanned upgrades, Maritime NZ compliance challenges, a complete yacht rewire, making the decision to take the jump into full time adventure sailing and ...

Rodney Keenan - Founder of Evolution Sails on the 'high-tech. arms race'

Dec 30 • 01:24:07

In this episode I meet with Rodney Keenan, founder of Evolution Sails, at his incredible high-tech membrane plant in Auckland, New Zealand about sail planning for my new project: Silver Fern....

Vernon Deck - COVID19 Cruising Challenges in Indonesia

Dec 26 • 02:20:16

Vernon Deck is a great example of jumping headfirst into sailing and just figuring it out as you go along. We initially interviewed Vernon in episode 68 and discovered how he purchased a Sayer 37 yacht 'Schiehallion' and before heading offshore to Solomon Islands, then onto Papua New Guinea and then Indonesia....

Coastguard Nelson (NZ) - getting found and staying alive

Dec 26 • 01:27:22

David Hows and Phil Jarvis join the crew of Coastguard Nelson for a post-rescue debrief session, followed by a recorded podcast interview to discuss how yachties can learn lessons from previous Coastguard rescue case studies and tips on getting found and staying alive at sea....

Jana and Mick - Sailing through Central America, highlights and challenges

Jul 25 • 02:19:15

Jana McGeachy and Mick O'Keefe (Beef) are not your typical semi-retired cruising sailors. As young sailors, they've worked hard, saved up and sold up. I first found out about their ambitious cruising plans in Episode 73. Now 14-months later, I catch up with them at home in Australia to find out all about their sailing adventures through the Caribbean including; The Bahamas...

Dustin Reynolds - From bankrupted, double amputee to solo circumnavigator

Jul 25 • 01:07:56

I have yet to meet anyone more inspirational than Dustin Reynolds when it comes to turning personal tragedy and financial ruin into a completely new path in life....

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