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Occupational Therapy : Conversations from the Audio Chateau

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Tune in each week to the Audio Chateau Studios to hear candid conversations from some of the most intriguing and successful personalities across all forms of media, sports, business and music. These prosperous individuals help the number one jingle writer of all time for film and television, JaredRead more

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Nile Rodgers

Aug 25 • 53:10
Iconic producer, writer, and artist, Nile Rodgers, walks Jared through his connection with the recently launched NAS x Audio Up NFT and how the project tracks back to a deep connection Nile has with Nelson Mandela. He explains the origin of some of his most well known songs, including David Bowie's Let's Dance. The two also chat about the impact Nile has had on scoring in ...

Kristine Leahy: Prime Time Sportscaster

Apr 21 • 30:17
Kristine Leahy started her career in the Midwest, working for the NBA and found her way West, where she became

not only the co-host of American Ninja Warrior, but went on to having her own prime time sports news series that brought her to the top of the sports journalism world. Jared speaks with her about her amazing ascent, and finds out whether or not he has what it takes...

David Arquette: World Champion Wrestler

Apr 14 • 34:55
David Arquette is a multi-hyphenate entertainer who is as well known for his acting chops as he is for being an eccentric and electric personality. His recent foray into professional wrestling has been an epic odyssey that is now being documented in a film due out later this year. In this episode, Jared discusses what it takes to become a world champion wrestler. This is a...

Steve Levitan: Creator of Modern Family

Apr 7 • 57:17
Jared has a discussion with Modern Family series creator Steve Levitan about what it takes to forge a meaningful career in the world of television. As a showrunner and show creator, Steven is one of the most successful and respected people in the business. Jared listens intently as Steven shares his unlikely path from local news and ad man in the Midwest - to becoming the ...

Jason Flom: Music Industry Leader Turned Prison Reform Advocate

Mar 31 • 39:54
Jason Flom is one of the most famous music industry personalities of all time, but as of late, he's also known for being a prison reform advocate and a big proponent of the Innocence Project. Personally, he has been involved in exonerating countless people on death row and wrongfully imprisoned inmates serving life sentences. His podcast called Wrongful Conviction has beco...

Don Lemon: TV Journalist

Mar 24 • 29:49
Don Lemon has been one of the most recognizable faces of CNN for years. As a highly respected news anchor and journalist, he keeps millions of people across the country informed daily as he gives us unfiltered truth about the world of politics and every other topic under the sun. In this episode, Don Lemon explains his strange ascent to the highest highs in the topsy-turvy...

JaVale McGee: LA Laker and Music Producer

Mar 17 • 27:12
JaVale McGee is more than just an athlete… As a star player on the Cleveland Cavaliers, most people assume that his basketball career should be enough to fill up his entire dance card. However, unbeknownst to many, he also pads his resumé with the role of a super producer.

JaVale is coming off an amazing run as Justin Bieber's collaborator and he's working with some of the ...

24KGoldn: Multi-Platinum Hip-Hop Artist

Mar 10 • 35:16
24KGoldn has had a fantastic rise in the world of hip-hop and social media popularity and he believes that he has a good chance to become the Will Smith of his generation. Jared sits down with 24KGoldn to discuss the ins and outs of the hip-hop game, how it relates to modern app technology like Tok Tok and whether or not Jared has what it takes to be a multi-platinum selli...

Introducing Occupational Therapy with Jingle Jared

Mar 1 • 01:40
Hi, I'm Jingle Jared, I am the number one jingle writer of all time for film and TV. I sold my business and now I am in a two year period of (What they call in the startup business) a non compete. That's sad because I like to work, so I'm looking for a new job and I have 24 months to find one.

Join me as I talk to people who've "made it" in their careers, so I can figure o...

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