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Not Your Average Mai Podcast


Four Hmong American women moving our community forward, one conversation at a time.

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Episode 28: Podcast Swap with @ReelAsianPodcast

Dec 10 • 59:35

Episode 27: Not Your Average Hmong Clothes

Sep 24 • 01:06:17
The internet and social media has really changed our generation’s access to Hmong clothes, particularly in the way that Facebook has enabled Hmong Americans to be high consumers of Hmong clothes and accessories in the Hmong clothing market. We invited textile artist and expert, Sheng Lor, to discuss with us not only the history and trends of Hmong textiles and clothing, bu...

Episode 26: Processing Anti-Asian Hate

Jul 19 • 51:01
We’re over a year and a half into the pandemic, halfway through 2021, and anti-Asian hate incidents are still happening across America. We know that they aren’t new, and we know that anti-Asian hate has occurred long since before the pandemic started. Let’s be honest, they started when we first arrived to this country. However, this time everything is exacerbated by the pa...

Episode Swap: Reel Asian Podcast ft. 'The Donut King' w/Ray Luu & Renee Ya

Jul 14 • 57:52
We are really excited to do a first podcast episode swap with Reel Asian Podcast, a show focused on Asian and Asian-American films that examines the themes & cultural impact of the movie.

This episode features the movie "Donut King." So grab your donuts, grab your coffee because Ray and Renee sprinkle in their takes throughout this delectable documentary. Let that sweet ar...

Episode 25: Not Your Average COVID19 Vaccine Myths

Apr 12 • 01:04:52
We are over 1 year into the COVID19 pandemic. There’s been a lot of speculation and concerns about how safe and effective the COVID19 Vaccines are, rightfully so given many of the negative experiences that communities of color have faced with Western medicine. However, given the current urgency of the pandemic, we want to discuss the urgency and importance of getting the v...

Episode 24: Not Your Average Friendships

Mar 8 • 55:03
March is Women’s History Month and we definitely cannot miss this opportunity to celebrate all the women in our lives, especially our sisters and girlfriends. In this episode, we dive into the beauty and love of sisterhood and female/women friendships. Yet like any type of relationship, friendships have their highs and lows and sometimes even seasons. We definitely do not ...

Episode 23: Not Your Average Mental Health 101

Feb 23 • 52:53
One in five adults experiences a mental health condition every year. We know that the severity of mental illnesses is often stigmatized within the Hmong community, and that usage of mental health services remains low for Asian Americans. In this episode, we sit down with mental health clinician, Kaeo Vang, to explore the definition of mental health conditions, impact of hi...

Episode 22: Relationships On-Screen and In Real Life

Feb 10 • 46:26
In this episode, we examine what relationships look like on-screen and in real life; it's not just all Black and white, people! We discuss the complexities of racial preferences, especially in a society that most often values and upholds whiteness. Do we limit ourselves when we have certain preferences for romantic relationships?

In addition, we share the intricate balance...

Episode 21: Not Your Average Resolutions

Jan 20 • 44:30
We cannot believe it is a new year already! Where did the time go?! 2020 was filled with so many unexpected and unpleasant events. To some, 2020 really felt like the worst year yet. We wanted to end 2020 still being hopeful and optimistic for a better new year. In this first episode of the new year, we discuss our reflections and biggest lessons learned from 2020, and how ...

Ep 20: Not Your Average Hmong New Year

Dec 31 • 55:31
What does Hmong New Year mean to you? Hmong New Year is celebrated across the country and world from as early as October to as late as December. Historically, it is a celebration to give thanks to our ancestors and to commemorate the year’s harvest. At the same time, traditions and cultures have evolved over the past many years.

Celebrating Hmong New Year is different this...

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