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This is the Archive for the old Not Crazy Feed. If you are looking for the current Not Crazy podcast, keep searching or visit for all the links. Apple Podcasts link: Thank you and enjoy the archives!

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A Bipolar, A Schizophrenic, and a Comeback?

Oct 15 • 00:20

Update Your Subscription - Feed Closing

May 29 • 02:01

Parenting and Bipolar Disorder

May 26 • 45:35
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Should people with mental illness have children? In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Gabe and Lisa discuss their own reasons for not having kids, while also givin...

Bonus Content: The Role Nurses Play in Schizophrenia Treatment

May 20 • 49:04

Some of the professionals that work most with helping people with schizophrenia are nurses. There are so many types with different skill sets. Host Rachel Star Withers and Co-host Gabe Howards learn who these often overlooked healthcare workers are. Dr. Tari Dilks, Professor and President of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, joins with insight on what goes into ...

Deconstructing Mental Health Month

May 19 • 47:44

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Divorced Couple Hosting a Mental Health Podcast

May 12 • 27:46

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It's See You Later, Not Goodbye

May 4 • 29:24

All good things must come to an end. And today is one of those days. In this episode of The Not Crazy Podcast, we say a sad farewell to our amazing cohost, Jackie Zimmerman. Tune in, as Jackie and Gabe reminisce about the good old days, ponder the fate of podcasts, and discuss Jackie’s decision to leave. They also introduce you to Gabe’s new cohost, Lisa, who just happens ...

What is Mindfulness?

Apr 27 • 27:00

Is your mind constantly preoccupied with the past or the future? What if you could train your brain to just BE in the present moment? This is the essence of mindfulness -- simply being in the here-and-now (not worrying about that stupid thing you said last week), and gently noticing your surroundings and thoughts without judgment. In today’s podcast, Jackie enlightens a sk...

Canceling Plans Due to Anxiety

Apr 20 • 27:48

Does your anxiety take over when it’s time to leave the house -- making you stay home more often than not? Do you cancel plans at the last minute due to that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach? Or maybe YOU are the friend that keeps getting canceled on. In today’s podcast, Gabe and Jackie discuss why this happens and how both parties -- the chronic canceler and th...

Setting Boundaries With Your Family

Apr 13 • 29:30

Do you have difficult -- or even toxic -- family members? How does one go about setting boundaries with them ? And is it OK to cut them off? In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Jackie and Gabe tackle these tough questions with Sonya Mastick, a mental health advocate and fellow podcaster of a show called “What Won’t She Say?” Sonya shares her personal story of how she handled her...

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