Not Boring

Packy McCormick

Tech strategy and finance through the stories of companies big and small.
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Best Episodes

Reliance's Next Act

Oct 19, 2020

"Chinese unicorns are worth 8x India’s... closing the gap will create trillions of dollars of value."



The Indian conglomerate Reliance has historically vertically integrated, but it needs to loosen the reigns and become a growth stage investor to capture as much of India's growth in the next decade as possible.  Full essay at --- Send in a voice message:Read more

Software is Eating the Markets

Oct 26, 2020

"Why are stocks up when the economy is in shambles? Software is eating the markets."


The COVID-fueled rise of consumer investors may be here to stay, as spending shifts from things and experiences to investments, and new platforms allow users to invest in new and old asset classes with better user experiences.  Read the full post here:Read more

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Interview with Florent Crivello, Founder of Teamflow

Jan 13, 2021

"Office What is Teamflow?"


Florent Crivello is the Founder and CEO of Teamflow, a virtual office startup that came out of stealth and announced a $3.9 million seed round led by some of the world's best early stage investors.  Flo and Packy discuss how a late night at Uber sparked the idea for Teamflow, hiring world-classRead more
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