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Tech strategy and finance through the stories of companies big and small.

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The Pareto Funtier

Dec 6 • 22:50

Web3 is a vortex for talent, money, culture, and brainspace. I’ve been trying to figure out why, and explain it in the simplest terms. I think I have it, my tailwit explanation:...

Not Boring Founders: Regy Perlera, Seasons

Nov 29 • 36:06

Regy Perlera is building the future of retail with Seasons, an access-oriented rent-to-own platform for men. ...

Idea Legos

Nov 22 • 14:19

Chris Dixon tweeted that "Composability is to software as compounding interest is to finance." Money builds on money; software builds on software; the results are exponential. ...

Not Boring Founders: Alexa Grabell, Pocus

Nov 16 • 41:09

Alexa Grabell is the co-founder and CEO of Pocus, a product-led sales platform backed by First Round Capital. Alexa started the company while getting her MBA at Stanford GSB based on her experience leading up sales strategy and operations at Dataminr. We discuss a wide range of topics including defining a new category, setting up a co-founder relationship for success, how ...

Let's Buy the US Constitution

Nov 16 • 27:21

As we speak, thousands of people are contributing funds to the ConstitutionDAO in order to win a copy for the last remaining private copy og the US Constitution when it goes up for auction at Sotheby's on Thursday night. It's expected to fetch roughly $20 million. ...

Discord: Imagine a Place...

Nov 8 • 51:44

Imagine a place...    ...

Not Boring Founders: Jack Alton, Neuro-ID

Nov 5 • 22:11

Neuro-ID is a real-time behavioral analytics tool that analyzes all of our very human and unique taps, clicks, and swipes to help its customers fight fraud and better understand their customers. The company, based out of beautiful Whitefish, Montana, announced a $35 million Series B yesterday, in which Not Boring Capital is participating. I sat down with CEO Jack Alton to ...

Minimally Extractive Meta

Nov 1 • 42:46

Last week, Facebook announced a rebrand to Meta and an all-in bet on the Metaverse. Zuck said all of the right things about openness and interoperability. ...


Oct 25 • 39:26

Since February, I’ve been writing an accidental series on how web3 is impacting culture, work, and the way that we all interact with each other.  Power to the Person was about how technology is empowering individuals as the new atomic units of commerce, The Great Online Gamewas about how the internet blurs the line between work and play for those individuals, and The Coope...

Not Boring Founders: Lauren Rothwell, Retrera

Oct 19 • 41:29

Lauren Rothwell is the co-founder and CEO of Retrera, a platform for remote employee engagement that makes it really easy to host team offsites and retreats. Every founder that I talk to with remote employees, even those who have offices, is organizing at least one offsite per year, and often one per quarter. They love getting the team together in a new location to build b...

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