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Nostalgia Trap features weekly conversations about history and politics with some of the left’s most incisive thinkers, writers, and extremely online personalities.

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Nostalgia Trap - Episode 304: With Arms Wide Open w/ Rax King

Nov 23 • 01:08:16

Rax King returns to the Trap to tell us all about her new book Tacky: Love Letters to the Worst Culture We Have to Offer, which surveys the wreckage of 21st century American pop culture and finds much to salvage, and even to (gasp) love. From Creed and Jersey Shore to Hot Topic and The Cheesecake Factory, this conversation explores how the line between good and bad taste i...

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 303: Too Damn High w/ Sam Stein

Nov 16 • 01:21:28

Sam Stein is a housing policy analyst and advocate in New York City; his book Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State reveals the horrifying machinations of real estate developers and the neoliberal state, who build massive luxury towers for billionaires while the city’s middle and working class citizens deal with skyrocketing rents, housing shortages, and ...

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 302: Trauma Porn w/ Yasmin Nair

Nov 8 • 01:21:21

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 301: Drunk History w/ Peter Sabatino (TEASER)

Nov 4 • 02:47

As he approaches a major personal milestone, our good friend and Nostalgia Trap producer Peter Sabatino joins me for an honest conversation about the role alcohol has played in our respective lives. From the roaring 20s of college-age binge drinking to the high-octane craft IPA world of the hipster dad, we explore how drugs and alcohol become entangled with one’s sense of ...

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 299: The Man Who Sold the World w/ Max Chafkin (TEASER)

Nov 1 • 03:27

Max Chafkin, author of The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit of Power (see Episode 294), returns for a conversation all about SpaceX cowboy Elon Musk. Is this guy a tech genius saving the planet from climate change and launching us into a beautiful robotic future, or a capitalist huckster whose only talent is convincing authoritarian states and a loyal f...

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 300: Californication w/ Justin Rogers-Cooper

Nov 1 • 01:10:00

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 298: Reefer Sadness w/ Freddie deBoer (TEASER)

Oct 19 • 03:56

This week Freddie deBoer joins me to talk about his recent Substack piece “Smoking Weed Doesn’t Feel Good for Me Anymore, and It Hasn’t for a Long Time,” exploring how cannabis legalization, stronger weed, and just plain getting older have caused us both to interrogate our personal weed consumption and stoner identities. This conversation touches on the politics of crimina...

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 296: Good Grief, Part Two w/ Yasmin Nair (TEASER)

Oct 16 • 02:06

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 297: Cure-Pilled w/ Andrew Schustek

Oct 13 • 01:23:31

Andrew Schustek joins us to discuss the extraordinary Japanese horror film Cure (1997), one of a number of unbelievably prescient works directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa that take on the nightmarish social and political reality of Japan’s “lost decades.” In this conversation, we explain why Cure stands alone, as both a unique piece of horror craftsmanship and an endlessly frigh...

Nostalgia Trap - Episode 295: Good Grief, Part One w/ Yasmin Nair

Oct 5 • 49:46

The one and only Yasmin Nair joins us this week for a wide-ranging discussion on a topic near and dear to all of us: death. In Part One of our conversation, we talk about how the politics of COVID have created a cruel public theater that showcases American culture’s deeply weird, and deeply disturbing, attitudes about death, grief, and what we owe to each other. This two-p...

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