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San Francisco-based comedian Alexis Gay interviews influential folks from tech, media, business and beyond about everything except their resumes. Who are the people building, funding, and running the tech companies shaping our daily lives? And like, has [INFLUENTIAL PERSON] ever kept a plant alive?Read more

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47. Celine Halihou (Founder & CEO, Loyal) might deserve a lifetime discount at Whole Foods

Nov 24 • 52:06

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Celine Halihou, Founder & CEO of Loyal. They talk about return-to-office smudging, getting drunk in a ditch, what the FDA and Alexis’ Dad have in common, and the (literal) toll for keeping Celine’s cats....

46. Joe Posnanski (Author, The Baseball 100) knows better than The Boss

Nov 17 • 49:17

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Joe Posnanski, author of many books, including the New York Times Bestseller The Baseball 100. They talk about “real weather,” Paul Giamatti vs. Nicholas Cage, the ultimate conversation-stopper, and the healing powers of mall Chinese food....

45. Maia Bittner (Entrepreneur, Angel Investor) is a flight attendant’s dream

Nov 10 • 49:39

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Maia Bittner, entrepreneur and angel investor. They talk about misguided drop-shoulder fantasies, the present box (!!!),  intuitive COGS, and how to name your dog (using data)....

44. Sahil Lavingia (CEO & Founder, Gumroad) is painting his own tree

Nov 3 • 47:59

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Sahil Lavingia, the Founder and CEO of Gumroad. They talk about the first principles of Hamilton, Starbucks’ secret menu, an unhinged return of the Vibram Five Finger, and (almost!!) joining the Church of Scientology....

43. Max Chafkin (Author, The Contrarian) just might get the band back together

Oct 13 • 50:06

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Max Chafkin, author of The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power. They talk about a muskrat/leg encounter, jogging’s hippie origins, the worst fish, ACTUALLY!, and “Green Eggs & Spam.”...

42. Snigdha Sur (CEO & Founder, The Juggernaut) always be hustlin’

Oct 6 • 44:16

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Snigdha Sur, Founder & CEO of The Juggernaut. They talk ice cream counterculture, “stomp stomp,” the Alice on the wall, people, and dubbing for Priyanka Chopra. ...

41. Hunter Walk (Investor, Homebrew) is the weirdest of the normal

Sep 29 • 42:43

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Hunter Walk, Investor at Homebrew. They talk money-makin’ Strong Island, public access cinéma vérité, honoring the water, and being literally trapped at a silent meditation retreat....

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40. Alex Konrad (Senior Editor, Forbes) is human... or is he dancer?

Sep 22 • 42:18

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Alex Konrad, a Senior Editor at Forbes. They talk CrossFit’s absentee uncle, getting left on read (power move!), fake cynical Mickey Mouse, pronouncing “Le Bain,” and doing an extra bad tweet....

39. Bremner Morris (CEO, Rally) might be responsible for the Topo Chico shortage

Sep 15 • 44:01

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Bremner Morris, CEO of Rally. They talk ‘stocks with socks, flooding the most iconic building in SF, keeping it “cinchy,” and Bohemian Rhapsody karaoke....

38. Sheel Mohnot (Co-Founder, Better Tomorrow Ventures) is anything but a timepass

Sep 8 • 38:28

This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Sheel Mohnot, Co-Founder of Better Tomorrow Ventures. They talk about spending ten hours at The Magic Castle, mudflap gifting, Van Cleef cufflinks, being in a Justin Bieber music video, and what else? Bidets....

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