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Noise in the Groove: The Origin of Sound Recording

History • Music • Arts

This podcast ponders the moment we began to play back recorded sounds. It’s a factual history of the phonograph and gramophone, but told through dreams and nightmares of the voices of the dead, the nature of time, the rapture, AI, androids, elephants, canned foods, mechanical menaces, alchemy, andRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 16 – Alessandro Moreschi and the Blessed Knife

Jun 3 • 22:01

This episode begins (just about) and ends (indeed) with recordings of Alessandro Moreschi – AKA the Angel of Rome – AKA the Last Castrato. His recordings are the only surviving sounds of a tradition of castrated male singers that lasted over 350 years, and mutilated countless thousands of innocent children in the process. We chart the rise and fall of the castrato voice, a...

Episode 15 – Lost in Transylvania

May 14 • 20:34

Episode 14 – The Resurrection of Robert Browning

Apr 25 • 21:17

Episode 13 – Blavatsky and the Etheric Planes

Apr 11 • 20:39

Episode 12 – A Voice from the Dead

Mar 24 • 24:13

Episode 11 – Ich bin ein Emile Berliner

Feb 15 • 23:28

Tales in the Groove 3 – Copywrongs: Starring Lawrence Lessig, John Oswald and Mickey Mouse

Feb 1 • 16:51

Episode 10 – Gladstone and the Undead Stenographer

Jan 26 • 23:14

The show is on the road again! This episode is mostly about Edison’s somewhat doomed attempt to market the phonograph in the UK as a business dictation machine in the 1890s. The discussion includes: a recording of William Gladstone’s voice, the ‘I’m not quite dead yet’ death of stenography, and brief looks at the histories of headphones (via the stethoscope) and the jukebox....

Episode 9 – Severed Ears in Quebec

Dec 21 • 17:30

Tales in the Groove 2 – Dot Dot Dot Dash – Victory – Vendetta

Dec 11 • 11:04

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