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No Dogs In Space is a music history podcast featuring Marcus Parks and Carolina Hidalgo of the Last Podcast Network. Season 1 - Punk Season 2 - Alternative

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The Velvet Underground Pt V

Nov 18 • 01:37:54

As we conclude our series on The Velvet Underground we pick back up just after the band had split with one of it's founding members, John Cale. Leaving Lou Reed with full reign of the group in his pursuit for artistic notoriety and respect, but it was the addition of Doug Yule that lead to the release of their third album, the self titled "The Velvet Underground". And as t...

The Velvet Underground Pt IV

Nov 2 • 01:37:57

This week we reach The Velvet Underground's sophomore release, White Light/White Heat, and as tension within the band begins to grow, the group is blindsided by an assassination attempt on their beloved manager, Andy Warhol....

The Velvet Underground Pt III

Oct 26 • 01:44:26

As our trip through The Velvet Underground's history continues, we come to the creation of their iconic debut album, as the group officially takes shape with the addition of a new female singer named Christa Päffgen aka Nico, along with a new stylistic counterpart in the form of their new manager Andy Warhol....

The Velvet Underground Pt II

Oct 19 • 01:31:12

The story of The Velvet Underground continues as we pick back up with the eclectic pairing of Lou Reed & John Cale, and dive deeper into the background of the multi-instrumentalist who's avant-garde drone swells became a staple of the group's early sound. As the two find their collaborative style, the group's original line-up begins to take shape with the additions of guit...

The Velvet Underground Pt I

Oct 12 • 01:20:49

No Dogs in Space is back for Season 2!...

Beastie Boys Pt VI

Jun 7 • 01:59:13

As our story of The Beasties comes to it's final stop, Carolina and Marcus breakdown a time in the group's career when they had already achieved greatness but strove to artistically take their sound to another level. Through new found collaborations and pulling from all of the creative elements that made up their earlier successes, the 3 MCs from NYC would go on to record ...

Beastie Boys Pt V

May 20 • 01:33:33

In this penultimate episode of our Beastie Boy's series, Carolina and Marcus pick back up with the Beasties at the height of their success, fresh off the heels of a multi-platinum record and their first smash hit. As their fame and notoriety continues to grow, we see the group mature past their beer chugging frat boy personas to record one of the most definitive records of...

Beastie Boys Pt IV

May 8 • 02:03:44

Our adventure into Beastie History continues as Carolina and Marcus dive even deeper into the story of The Beastie Boys, at a time in their career when things really started to take off! The group further cements their connection with Producer, Rick Rubin and link up with a Manager who can truly help focus their "Style". As Def Jam Records and Run DMC pave the way for thei...

Beastie Boys Pt III

Apr 22 • 01:41:44

This week Carolina and Marcus reach the mid way point in the story of the Beasties as the group transitions from their Hardcore roots to a full fledged Hip-Hop Act. We see the band lose a founding member but gain a legendary producer, and learn the bizarre story of Cooky Puss and it's "Celestial" origins....

Beastie Boys Pt II

Apr 9 • 01:28:59

In the 1980's, as the punk scene evolved into hardcore, another scene was developing and beginning to flourish in the clubs of NYC. In this episode, Carolina and Marcus will dig into early New York Hip Hop, and the MC's and Performers that lead The Beastie Boys to expand their musical horizons into the new style they were searching for....

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