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Are you in need of company during those strange days and lonely nights? Every Monday, hosts Molly Lambert, Tess Lynch and Emily Yoshida, gather in dark rooms for a free jazz blend of pop culture theory, internet fascinations, and venture down a plethora of half-baked conspiracy theory rabbit holes.Read more

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Last Call At Night Cheers

Dec 7 • 01:28:43

Wahhhh but also ACK! We are leaving you with some wonderful night calls from our wonderful listeners. But of course there is also a call about how The Big Chill and Cathy comics are connected, some rhapsodizing about monoliths (new and old), and a decision on what show is better: Frasier or Cheers. Some sentimental night calls to send us out, our favorite episodes and gues...

135: Mara Wilson, Acting Cults And Isolation Tanks

Nov 23 • 55:32

We are joined this week by writer and actress Mara Wilson to discuss how acting classes can function like cults and why. Mara reveals her personal Alison Mack story and talks about how we can protect child actors on sets. Then she tells us about her personal isolation tank experience and we try to figure out hacks for making isolation tank like experiences at home. At the ...

134: Mormon Sphinxes, The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City, And Prophetic Dreams

Nov 16 • 01:02:54

Emily is off this week, but Tess and Molly are taking your night calls about Joseph Smith, sphinx monuments, and the devil's tritone! First it's a night call about the Devil's Note, which some listeners liked and others did not at all. Then an email about Joseph Smith's head on the body of a Sphinx, and whether the "Salamander Letter" is a forgery (yes.) Molly waxes philos...

133: Demonic Possession, Summum & Exploding Head Syndrome

Nov 9 • 01:05:57

November is Dreams Month at Night Call, and we're kicking it off with some incredible dream calls and emails from listeners. Of course there are also more pyramids and architecture talk too. This time it’s Brasilia - the faded poppy mid-century utopia that is Brazil’s capital, and The Summum Pyramid - the mummification temple from 70s religion Summum in Salt Lake City, Uta...

132: Ramtha & Grottoes

Oct 26 • 01:04:17

This week we delve into the OTHER cult Mark Vicente was a member of: Ramtha! Learn how putting a tiny paper pyramid on your head might make you channel an ancient racist spirit. Then it’s even more pyramid pals and a general spooky season and Halloween roundup....

131: The Vow & Mounds with Nikki Mayard

Oct 19 • 01:10:04

We’re joined by Lazor Wulf writer Nikki Mayard to wrap up The Vow with a nylon sash. Why did the editors save all the men’s rights stuff for the 8th episode? Did seeing Keith Raniere go full Frank TJ Mackey explain how people got so deep into this cult? Did he also maybe murder a bunch of women? Who is the best Vow character: Mark, Sarah, Catherine or Nippy? How privileged...

130: The Twelve Foot Tall Big Skeleton From Home Depot & Sad13

Oct 12 • 01:14:35

This week on Night Call we have Sadie Dupuis aka Sad13 as our guest! But first it's an update to Pyramid Pals with a call about a recently demolished but also fairly recently built glass walled pyramid for a pharmaceutical company. Why wouldn't Amazon want to operate out of this futuristic pyramid building out of a dystopian movie, too on the nose? Then we're joined by Sad...

129: Pyramids, Air Quality Index, & Q Age

Oct 5 • 01:08:36

Emily is back with tales from the Pyramids of Wyoming and Nevada: the railroad ghost town of the Ames Monument, and driving past the current ghost town of Las Vegas glimpsing the Luxor Pyramid after whispers that MGM plans to blow it up soon. Then it's all calls and emails, starting with another call about the New Age to Q Anon phenomenon (Q Age). After that a listener in ...

128: Altered States, Family Weddings, & Pandemic Speakeasies

Sep 28 • 01:02:19

Emily is on the road again, so it's just Tess and Molly this week taking calls calls calls, calls from the public! First we get a call from a listener debating whether or not to go to a family wedding. We talk about the no-win situation that is Coronavirus weddings - what to do when your family won't cancel, and why everyone should cancel big family events this fall and wi...

127: Digital Digital Letdown

Sep 21 • 01:24:37

A listener calls in with a harrowing tale of getting pressured into going to Disney World and then having a panic attack immediately afterwards. We discuss the prevalence of lockdown cabin fever leading to risky decisions immediately followed by intense regret. Then we get into The Social Dilemma on Netflix, and why we didn’t really like it. For the second half we are join...

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