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Niche Aviation Podcast

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Conversations with Niche Aviation Manufacturers, Airlines & Investors. On this podcast, I'll share the stories behind these unique ventures. Guests include founders, pilots & investors.

Popular episodes

Electroflight - Stjohn Youngman

May 31 • 57:12

Electroflight have partnered with Rolls Royce to design, build & fly the world's fastest electric aircraft. This podcast is with the Managing Director of Electroflight, Stjohn Youngman....

Simple Flying - Arran Rice & Joanna Bailey

May 24 • 37:35

Simple Flying is the worlds’ largest aviation news platform. Founded by Arran Rice in 2018, Simple Flying now achieves up to 20 million page views per month. With the help of Managing Editor, Joanna Bailey, Simple Flying has grown the brand to include a website, multiple youtube channels & a leading aviation podcast. ...

PayCargo - Lionel van der Walt

May 17 • 41:33

PayCargo is an online payment platform for air cargo. Their platform is disrupting the air freight payment industry.  This episode is with Lionel van der Walt, the Global Chief Commercial Officer of PayCargo. ...

Flylogix - Charles Tavner

Apr 12 • 40:03

Flylogix specialise in beyond the line of sight, unmanned aviation.  The UK-based team use their drones to help Methane Detection, Oil Spill response & Surveillance. They are also currently in the early stages of using their drone for logistics work. ...

Centrik - David Hunkin OBE

Apr 5 • 36:01

David Hunkin is the Head of Unmanned Systems at Centrik. Centrik provides world-class operational management software to aviation businesses. Centrik’s software is used by Airlines, Airports & Maintenance businesses across the world, including as far as Antarctica. ...

Skyhook - Murray Graham

Mar 29 • 39:33

Skyhook is a niche helicopter operator in Scotland. They specialise in underslung load lifting and use a Eurocopter Squirrel helicopter to lift heavy loads to remote regions of the UK....

Ag Aviation - Tyson & Cally

Mar 22 • 41:33

Tyson & Cally work in Ag Aviation, also known as Crop Dusting or Aerial Application. Tyson is the pilot & Cally runs the ground operations. ...

X-Plane - Austin Meyer

Mar 15 • 40:34

Austin Meyer founded X-plane in 1995, since then him & his team have developed a flight simulator that is used & loved by people & organisations across the world ...

Astral Aviation - Sanjeev Gadhia

Nov 27 • 45:34

Astral Aviation is a Cargo airline based in Kenya. They operate a diverse fleet of aircraft which include 747s, 727s, DC9s and Fokker 27s. Despite, numerous challenges Sanjeev has successfully grown the airline over the last 20 years....

The Blades - Kirsty Murphy

Nov 11 • 41:03

The Blades is a British aerobatics team. Their unique selling point is that their pilots are ex-Red Arrow pilots. ...

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