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The most dangerous phrase in the language is 'we've always done it this way.' A contrarian view on HR & Recruiting practices.

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Calling BS on Diversity Recruiting

Oct 2 • 36:00
In this episode, we are joined by Vern Howard, CEO of Hallo to call BS on Diversity Recruiting. An industry where billions are spent each year, the results are still disappointing and lackluster. Many companies continue to lack diversity in all ranks and we have even seen a decline in diversity at the highest levels of organizations across all industries and sizes.  

Vern H...

Calling BS on Using Benchmarking in HR Decisions

Aug 18 • 37:00
Knee jerk benchmarking in HR systems and decisions has created a race towards the mediocre for most startups. Considering we're supposed to be the innovators there's an awful lot of cheating off of someone else's homework going on and most conclusions reached from a benchmarking exercise fail to remember that the information you're benchmarking against comes from a differe...

Calling BS on Company Perks

Jul 15 • 34:00
We often say that culture is not free food or ping pong tables, but something that employees experience every day they work with your company. Since the proliferation of startup culture, perks have been perpetuated as a way for companies to attract talent. Free food, ping pong tables, and arcade machines are just some of the most popular ones. If you ever watched an episod...

Calling BS on Traditional Leadership Models In This New World of Work

Jul 9 • 33:00
Christine Tao, co-Founder & CEO, and Lori Mazan, co-Founder, President/Chief Coaching Officer of Sounding Board, Inc. join Anthony Onesto and New Yawk HR to discuss how, since their last appearance on the show, HR and Leadership Development have taken on new meaning due to COVID-19 and the country’s reckoning with diversity and equality.

Christine Tao - Co-Founder & CEO, So...

Calling BS on How Companies Have Thought about Work From Home

May 27 • 34:00
Many companies are discovering the hard way that people really aren’t going to be as productive working at home as they would be in the office. At least, they won’t if you think that all it takes is making meetings virtual and installing spy software to monitor your employees. In this episode, we call bullshit on the magical thinking that’s hampering WFH productivity and p...

Calling BS on Compromising Employee Privacy in the Times of COVID-19

May 15 • 33:00
We have gone from "do we close the office", to "we are working from home" and now we are in the phase of "do we return to the office and how". The good news is that this is the phase we are now talking about, the bad news is that this phase may be the most complex for Human Resource leaders and teams. How do we maintain employee privacy when we need to know if someone is s...

Calling BS on How Companies Are Terminating Employees During Coronavirus

May 5 • 32:00
Coronavirus has taken its toll on companies around the globe. The best description we have heard is a Marvel reference to Thanos’ snap. Within a blink of an eye, companies are failing, freezing hiring, and layoff millions of staff. In fact, we are hitting record numbers of unemployment claims. It’s a VERY hard time for everyone. But, during these times, we should lead more...

Calling BS On Leadership Training & Development

Apr 3 • 36:00
Christine Tao, co-Founder & CEO, and Lori Mazan, co-Founder, President/Chief Coaching Officer of Sounding Board, Inc. join Anthony to discuss how learning is changing in this new world of work and the impact that digital transformation and change management has on companies today. Sounding Board’s data-driven, tech-based coaching platform is truly the ‘future of work.’


Calling BS on Startup Workplace Philanthropy Programs

Sep 12 • 32:00
Workplace giving matters, but most approaches are dated. Today, an estimated $4.8 billion is already donated annually through employee giving programs in North America, mostly through big companies. Big companies have embraced CSR but smaller companies have fallen behind on this trend. While only 20% of S&P 500 companies published CSR reports in 2011, this figure reached o...

Calling BS on Recognition and Rewards Programs

Aug 29 • 41:00
Research is showing that the next generation of employees prefers experiences to traditional rewards and recognition. Instead of getting a bag of SWAG or some random bottle of champagne, employees are expecting something different. Yet, we continue to provide the SWAG bag or that bottle of champagne on anniversaries or birthdays - a gift that seems to be about ease than pe...

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