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The days of simple retirement planning are gone and those who can manage their own portfolio are choosing not to. Prout Financial Design began over 25 years ago as an education based financial planning practice. Dennis Prout, Certified Financial Planner, believes that each client should not onlyRead more

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Episode 253: Gifting From Your IRA

Dec 2 • 41:57

’Tis the season for taking your Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for the year! That’s right, if you’re over 72 years old, you’ll need to take money out of your tax-deferred retirement accounts. If you don’t, there is a hefty penalty – you will be charged 50% of the amount you were supposed to withdraw. You might ask, “What if I don’t need the money?” In which case we ...

Episode 252: 10% Penalty Rules

Nov 29 • 41:07

Do you need to withdraw money from your retirement accounts prior to age 59½? If so, there will be a penalty for doing so. But keep in mind that there are exceptions to every rule. In this case, they are referred to as “10% Early Distribution Penalty Exceptions.” Ed Slott’s recent workshop dedicated 38 pages of material to cover these rules! What does that tell you?...

Episode 251: Should You Worry?

Nov 12 • 43:42

The COVID-19 death rate has reached 5 million globally, supply chains are sluggish (at best), oil prices are soaring and inflation is at an all-time high since the early ’80s. Congress is currently targeting IRAs in their new proposals – especially Roth IRAs. Investors are beginning to ask more seriously, “Looking at the year ahead, should I worry?”...

Episode 250: The Social Security Hour

Nov 12 • 42:29

Occasionally, we’ll get Bob Simpson from the Social Security Office to join us LIVE! It’s a real treat to hear directly from the man who has worked over 30 years doing what he loves … helping people make the most of their Social Security benefits. There is never a dull moment with Bob on the mic! We will be talking about six major Social Security changes in 2022, year-end ...

Episode 249: From GM to Disney

Nov 10 • 46:02

Meet our friend, Vaughn Housepian. He’s an unlikely retirement story. Vaugh spent the majority of his 20s bouncing from job to job hoping to land something permanent, only to find himself starting over again and again. It wasn’t until a member of his church suggested that he take a temp job at GM to help cover the bills that things started to find traction. The temp job tu...

Episode 248: Tax To-Dos

Oct 27 • 45:30

Last week, it was Year-End Checklist time … this week it’s Tax To-Do’s with guest CPA, Jon Sluis, of Intrust CPA. Jon is a regular on our program who offers unique insights for our listeners. Not only will he remind us of what we should be looking at right now, he will weigh in on a few government tax proposals we may need to consider. It’s also a good time to talk about t...

Episode 247: Year End Checklist Time

Oct 27 • 42:19

It may seem like it’s TOO SOON to start your year-end checklist but .... we have tax deadlines, charitable contributions and conversion deadlines too! Just when you thought retirement planning was boring, the season changes....

Episode 247: Losing Abby

Oct 27 • 33:51

In this Real Retirement Story, I (Shea) interview my good friend, Barb Mahan, about losing her daughter, Abby, to a decade-long battle with cancer. The harsh and unfair reality of parents grieving the loss of an adult child is a topic I have hesitated to share knowing how deeply personal and traumatizing it is. However, Barb is special and Abby was very special. Their stor...

Episode 245: Healthcare Season is Here

Oct 27 • 32:39

In 2020, 3.2 million Americans retired, which is a 56% increase over the average 2.05 million Americans who retired between 2012 and 2019 (source: Pew Research Center). This is a staggering stat! What most folks forget to consider in their retirement plan is healthcare. Believe it or not, there are professionals who specialize in this, and we know who they are!...

Episode 244: IRA Trust Trustee

Sep 27 • 39:49

We get a lot of questions about trusts. Who should get one? Who shouldn’t? What are the long-term ramifications? Is it a bad idea to name a trust as the beneficiary of an IRA?...

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