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New Naratif's Southeast Asia Dispatches


Southeast Asia Dispatches is a fortnightly podcast bringing you reports, interviews and commentary from New Naratif’s network around Southeast Asia.

Popular episodes

Can Malaysia’s Cycle of Statelessness Be Broken?

Nov 5 • 59:45

Earlier this year, New Naratif published a piece about Wong Kueng Hui, one of the many stateless people in the Malaysian state of Sabah, and his decade-long legal battle to gain citizenship in Malaysia....

Is Malaysia’s Parliament Dead?

Aug 20 • 44:07

On the 16th of August, Malaysia’s 8th prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin and his cabinet, who came to power via a political coup in 2020, officially resigned. At the time of this recording, the next prime minister is being selected by a secret vote by members of parliament via statutory declarations to the king. The next prime minister—the third in two years—will be just ano...

Why Malaysia’s COVID-19 Aid Isn’t Reaching Queer Communities

Aug 6 • 42:19

Since March 2020, Malaysia has been placed under several movement control orders (MCOs) that restrict movement and business operations in order to curb COVID-19 infections. However, the MCOs have also resulted in rising unemployment, business closures and increased food insecurity. Cash aid from the government has been disbursed in several stages, with the next one only du...

Why Some Malaysian Teachers Are Paying for Students’ Mobile Data

Jul 29 • 39:46

Every so often, heartwarming stories emerge of educators and students alike overcoming hurdles in order for learning to continue, whether that’s a teacher travelling over 100 kilometres daily to reach students in rural areas, or a student who spent the night in a tree for better internet connection to sit for her exams. Stories like these tend to take off on social media b...

Undocumented and Unvaccinated: Malaysia’s Unequal Vaccine Rollout

Jul 23 • 40:56

Infection rates continue to climb in Malaysia’s latest wave of COVID-19 infections. National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme was launched in February, not long after it was announced that everyone would be included in the vaccination program, including undocumented migrants. However, the Malaysian government later reversed this decision and instead pledged to crack down on...

COVID-19’s Mental Health Impact: How are Refugees Coping?

Jul 9 • 35:37

This podcast includes references to suicide....

Heroes by Necessity: Reframing Refugee Stories

Jun 25 • 54:34

When you hear the word “refugee”, what picture comes to mind? Is it an image of a boat full of people trying to find a safe place to stay, or is it a desolate refugee camp? Often, the narrative we have of refugees is that they are helpless. On this episode of Southeast Asia Dispatches, Deborah Augustin speaks to Monique Truong and Leena Al-Mujahed, two women who have exper...

Why Are Politicians Afraid of Art?

Jun 11 • 46:11

Do politicians and rulers have anything to worry about when it comes to the influence of art in politics?...

Thai Protesters Gagged and Released

May 28 • 41:34

After 10 months of protests, in which Thai people took to the streets to call for reform of the monarchy and the political system, more than 600 activists have been arrested and charged for their political expression. In 2021 alone, at least 30 people have been detained on charges of sedition or royal defamation. For months, most were denied bail while awaiting trial....

Why Do Indonesian Dictionaries Call Women “Whores”?

May 13 • 38:33

Language has the power to shape our understanding about the world. It’s a cultural, political, and psychological tool that impacts our psyche and the way we relate to people around us. But who gets to decide the meaning of the words we use?...

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