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NEW MODELS is a media platform and community addressing the emergent effects of networked technology on art, tech, politics, and pop-culture. Podcasts hosted by Caroline Busta, Daniel Keller, and LIL INTERNET. All channels run through NEW MODELS is made possible byRead more

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EP 39: PAINTINGS BY NUMBERS w/ @jerrygogosian's Hilde Lynn Helphenstein & Matthew Capasso

Dec 7 • 01:24:52
Over the past year, speculation has surged beyond business media to emerge as a broad-spectrum cultural theme — think Gamestop, Robinhood, tokenized communities, the rise of NFT art. Reflecting on this phenomenon, NM speaks with the gonzo art world/ art market reporter behind @jerrygogosian, artist HILDE LYNN HELPHENSTEIN as well as MATTHEW CAPASSO, formerly of Christies a...


Nov 25 • 59:44
Artist and composer ADR (Aaron David Ross) stops by NM on the occasion of his new album, Filter Failure and launch of his label with Gatekeeper partner Matthew Arkell, Legendarium. Reflecting on his past decade of cultural production—see: Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems, Grant Singer’s iconic 2012 cult short, IRL; collaborations with Dis, Kelela, Lafawndah, Mykki Blanco, Ryan ...


Oct 5 • 26:37
NY/Paris-based creative director Katharina Korbjuhn speaks to New Models about the launch of PARADIGM TRILOGY, a new publication crystalizing the gap between the legacy fashion/media sector and the post-digital — and even post-individual world — its audiences increasingly inhabit.

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Jul 18 • 58:46
Theorist BENJAMIN BRATTON joins NM to discuss his newest book, The Revenge of the Real: Politics for a Post-Pandemic World (Verso, 2021), which reflects on human society’s capacity for sensing and calibrating to the the vicissitudes of an increasingly turbulent Earth—and innovatively governing in turn. In this first segment of a two-episode release (Pt. 2 forthcoming for ...

EP 37: GAMESTART (Thom Bettridge, Lucas Mascatello, Richard Turley)

Jun 1 • 01:10:54
On this Ep, NM is joined by *Civilization* publishers Lucas Mascatello and Richard Turley, as well as *Highsnobiety* Editor-in-Chief, Thom Bettridge to discuss “SELECT YOUR CHARACTER,” the style-centric site and media brand’s latest white paper, which explores the overlap between gaming, fashion, and realms of the real. Created in collaboration with Mascatello and Turley, ...

EP 36: HAPPY MEDIUM (Keller Easterling)

May 24 • 01:08:04
Architect and writer KELLER EASTERLING joins New Models to speak about her recent book "Medium Design: Knowing How to Work on the World" (Verso, 2021), which invites us to expand our thinking about infrastructure from one of discrete things to the messy, polyvalent relations and conditions they share. Along the way we touch on the potentials of Web3 and ramifications of sm...

EP 35: NET POVERA (Joshua Citarella x New Models)

May 5 • 56:14
This episode is being jointly released by JOSHUA CITARELLA & NEW MODELS following a period of research on the status of cultural institutions and the future of post-Web2 creator communities. A New York based artist, Josh also has a podcast, a Twitch stream, and a Discord community (Josh’s Super Secret Sleeper Cell). He’s been a guest on the New Models podcast twice and joi...

EP 34: LET THERE BE LIGHT (The Cobra Snake)

Apr 1 • 01:17:07
Before there was Instagram, there was Mark Hunter, AKA, THE COBRA SNAKE, who made his name photographing the alt party scene of the ‘00s and relaying this coverage to his blog before people’s hangovers could even hit. In turn,, along with American Apparel and Vice, became canon for high hipsterdom. For older Millens, it also came to represent an era when ...

UNLOCKED // NM TopSoil Ep 61: GATE ANALYSIS (Feat. Andrew Russeth)

Mar 17 • 01:29:54
What creates VALUE in ART and what makes art actually valuable over time? Why are some images powerful while others, just expensive? Why did DAN buy a Twerky Pepe? On this ep, we speak with writer and art critic ANDREW RUSSETH about the closing of NYC GALLERY METRO PICTURES, its generational importance and how it emerged during a media shift that in many way parallels our ...


Feb 26 • 09:26
As with Non Fungible Tokens themselves, the NFT hot-take economy—particularly when it comes to big-a Art—became a hysterical bubble of its own this winter. In his radio play excerpted from NM TopSoil Ep 59, "Ghost Face Shillah," LIL INTERNET lays out the full spectrum of fresh hells and hopeful nirvanas in under 10 min.

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