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New Jersey Is The World is a loose, hilarious, loving exploration of America's greatest and strangest state. Get bonus content on Patreon See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Jersey Has The Worst Roads. So What? Fuck You.

Dec 6 • 01:11:38

A recent national study has decided that New Jersey has the worst roads in the nation. As you can imagine, we both vehemently agree but are not into anyone talking bad about us. This study leads to a lot of convo about Jersey infrastructure, and a whoooooooole lot of stories of insane things we've seen and done ourselves out there on the highways of the Garden State....

New Jersey and the ACLU: A Convo with Amol Sinha

Nov 29 • 01:22:16
We are lucky to be joined by Amol Sinha, the head of the New Jersey ACLU. Topics covered include: what civil liberties issues are the prime focus in Jersey these days, prison reform, the inequality between Jersey's cities and suburbs, how people aiming to change and improve laws navigate the machine politics of New Jersey, and a WHOLE LOT MORE. As you can imagine, our este...

WOTown: Guilty Pleasures

Nov 22 • 01:14:24

From weeknight trips to Atlantic City to food items where you definitely know better to Danzig's solo output, there are a *lot* of guilty pleasures to be found within the borders of the Garden State. The WOTown gang discuss the moments where they've realized they've crossed into guilty pleasure territory. ...

Jersey Dude Reviews Jersey Food: Four Listener Suggested Spots!

Nov 15 • 01:05:21
In this episode, we bust open the voicemails so Don Fanelli can visit FOUR different spots suggested by listeners just like you! We speak on the Brownstone Pancake Factory in Englewood Cliffs, Toast in Montclair, Godfather Pizza in East Hanover, and The Green Papaya in River Edge. A few things become evident: 1) There's a lot of great food in New Jersey 2) Don doesn't like...

Newark Conversations: Alexis Guerreros

Nov 8 • 01:00:16

Growing up in West Orange in my era, Newark was this looming presence that most families (including mine) had deep roots in. But we were conditioned to fear Newark, to not go there. The stolen car capitol. America's most dangerous city. But now I'm older and wiser and realize that any statistics aside, the relationship between Newark and its suburbs is strange. Very strang...

New Jersey Is The Nerdiest State

Nov 1 • 01:27:09
We all know Jersey is the state with the biggest chip on its shoulder. Outsiders say it's the dirtiest state. But did you know it's the nerdiest state, too? In this episode we break down all the ways that Jersey is nerdy, as we pitch our home as the ultimate nerd haven with ultimate nerd credibility. 

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Jersey Dude Reviews Jersey Food: The Great Bagel Battle

Oct 25 • 01:02:10

I hope you are hungry. Because Don Fanelli is back, and he's finally tackling a food that means a LOT to Jersey people: bagels....

Joseph is the Bonaparte of New Jerseys

Oct 18 • 01:02:58
Just in time for Halloween comes an episode laying out a very NJ mystery. This episode is different for us, as Mike D dives into an adventure that starts in sleepy little Bordentown but spans the globe and centuries in the process. We've gone down a real rabbit hole here and none of us are sure how this might end.

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WOTown: Sports

Oct 11 • 01:28:16
New Jersey has had its fair share of sports moments and sports heroes. In this episode we discuss it all, from "what it's like playing high school football" in Jersey to "an unexpectedly heartfelt explanation of why Arturo Gatti was as much myth as man" to "whoa that baseball camp sounds like a nightmare" to "why is NCAA wrestling champion Nick Suriano the most intense hum...

Many Saints of Newark Reaction Episode!

Oct 6 • 01:06:32
HBO has released the first Sopranos content in 14 years. Obviously this is of outsized importance to your favorite New Jersey obsessed podcast. We break down what we liked, what we thought could be fixed, have some unexpectedly thoughtful exchanges about the city of Newark itself, and also go down a strange tangent involving a letter sent home to the parents of West Orange...

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