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NGW Radio Hour & NGM Radio Hour …for New Generation Women & New Generation Men – and Teens. WE TALK ABOUT STUFF THAT MATTERS. That opens your Heart. That makes you think. Live Schedules & Podcasts Extras with Talks & Interviews, and Heart Messages in English & German. Explore with us a NewRead more

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This year is Your Year of Transformation

Sep 30 • 20:14
Even if it feels as if the whole universe is against us, this year is a gift and not a curse.

But what is transformation?
How are we dealing with transformation so far?
And what did you do to transform your life?

How can I benefit? How can I contribute?
How are others dealing with this transformative time?
What can I learn from them?

And the most important part:
How can I suffer...

“I am just an ordinary man with clarity” But I call him 'A BEAUTIFUL MIND‘.

Dec 8 • 01:26:41

Imagine if you could stop all your thinking, whenever you wanted to.

Imagine if you could choose only those thoughts that served you.

Imagine then, how you would experience each day.

My guest is a BIG surprise in every way.

When I asked Nunari “Are you enlightened?”

He replied: “ For me labelling has no meaning g...

An absolutely heart touching, bold & honest Talk with Karen Lee Downes

Dec 5 • 01:10:16
She is an expert in Conscious Leadership & Culture Change and the CEO of ‚The Flourish Initiative‘ in London.
9 Million Dollar Business, Single Mom, a mover and shaker in the business world AND full of heart, vulnerability, honesty & power.

For all 40+women and female leaders, who have been through the rocky journey of being pioneers as working moms and, or female leaders, ...

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