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Fuller House star and mother of two Jodie Sweetin and her best friend, life coach Celia Behar, hilariously tackle parenting taboos by sharing war stories from the frontlines of single motherhood, talking to special guests about the issues all parents face, and giving unfiltered advice to listeners.

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S4 Ep95: Boys, Sex, Whatever

Dec 1 • 46:46
Celia tells Jodie about the unexpected ‘treat’ she found in her eldest daughter’s Halloween candy and how said daughter tried to ‘trick’ her into thinking it wasn’t a…nicotine vape! Our fearless leaders then discuss how to handle such situations because, honestly, who the heck actually knows how to handle such situations?! Psychology Today, that’s who. Lastly, the ladies b...

S4 Ep94: Thanksgivities

Nov 24 • 55:43
Jodie and Celia do a Thanksgiving episode to “beat the band” (you’ll get it when you listen) where they share some of their favorite Thanksgiving fails courtesy of the interwebs. They also debrief on a few of their own Thanksgiving memories (Celia’s weirdly involve pets and their genitalia. No one knows why.) and Jodie creates a new word! Lastly, they play a round of Thank...

S4 Ep93: Army Of Femmebots

Nov 17 • 53:54
The ladies discuss how to teach kids emotional intelligence while also recognizing their own patterns and (ew) feelings. Then, Sabrina shares a story from her childhood which, in turn, gives Jodie and Celia a lesson on how to raise an army of femmebots. It’s a whole education situation on NTIST this week!

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S4 Ep92: You're Hormonal

Nov 10 • 55:07
In this episode, Celia shares an especially hard momming moment: that she failed miserably at dealing with her emotions about her daughters having a new stepmom. Celia talks about how badly she reacted to a situation, she and Jodie discuss how overwhelming co-parenting with former partners can be, and how sharing your children with other people isn’t always easy. Then, in ...

S4 Ep91: Bumping PeePees with Lala Kent

Nov 3 • 48:03
Jodie and Celia are following the rules this week… the Vanderpump Rules! New mama, Lala Kent, joins the ladies for this week’s show! Together they discuss how becoming a mom completely changes your life, your living space, and your relationship. Then they discuss Lala’s new book, Give Them Lala, a hilarious, real, and brutally honest collection of essays exploring her “roc...

S4 Ep90: Life is Short & I Like Candy

Oct 27 • 44:08
Celia and Jodie get down to the basics of being “basic” in this Halloween episode. They admit their love of all things pumpkin spice, share their VERY different experiences with Dorthy costumes, and get existential about candy. Speaking of candy, Jodie outs Celia for her “special” candy induced trip(s) to the grocery store which resulted in MORE pumpkin somethings. They th...

S4 Ep89: Two Mascaras & A Lip Balm with Shenae Grimes Beech

Oct 20 • 49:58
This week, Jodie and Celia are joined by the fabulous, and far-more-stylish-than-either-of-them-will-ever-be, Shenae Grimes Beech! They, of course, talk all things Motherhood (boobies, periods, and vaginas… ya know, the usual), and also beg her to tell them how she always looks… So. Damn. Good! Plus, Celia’s trip to Oklahoma earns Dustin a nutty new nickname, and Jodie is ...

S4 Ep88: Momsaulting

Oct 13 • 49:51
Jodie and Celia have reached that inevitable point where they are having to go back into society and engage with other moms. And, by engage, we obviously mean offend. Well, at least that’s what happened to Celia who WILDLY overstepped while trying to connect with one of Harper’s friend’s mom! Let’s just say that there’s no tone in text and, this b*%ch kinda forgot that. To...

S4 Ep87: Wondery's Who When Wow!

Oct 7 • 06:50
Introducing... Who, When, Wow! A new Tinkercast original podcast from the creators of the #1 kids & family podcast, Wow in the World. Join host Rebecca Sheir on auditory journeys into the lives of history's unsung heroes and amazing humans who make us say "WOW!"This is just a preview of Who, When, Wow! But you can listen to the full episode at

S4 Ep86: Pickle Twilight Crossover

Oct 6 • 50:45
Hope you’re ready to celebrate… another epic birthday fail. That’s right, Jodie and Celia are once again talking about craptastic birthday parties, but this time neither of them is responsible for one of the biggest, baddest, and most uncut birthday fails of all time! In fact, the word Big is built right into the fail, as well as the theme of the party, since it involves B...

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