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Never Seen It with Kyle Ayers

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Famous movies and tv shows rewritten by people who’ve NEVER seen them and then cast and read in studio. Grab your red vines and settle in for pop culture talk, ridiculous movie-themed-games and recurring segments with my Dad.

Popular episodes

All Games Day!

Nov 25 • 01:07:25

All Games Day! Kyle is joined by Rebecca Steinberg, Todd Sklar, and Mike Carrozza to play some Never Seen It games of today, and yesteryear. Before & Afters, Build the Perfect Movie, and Kyle even tosses in some horrific audio-based games. Plus the most bogglingly-long (bogglongly) round of Character Card Head! As our show approaches a small hiatus, remember to check out o...

Matt O'Brien Has Never Seen When Harry Met Sally

Nov 18 • 01:11:29

Matt O’Brien has never seen “When Harry Met Sally” but he rewrote it and we read his script. It’s tough to say if Matt nailed it, or really completely nailed it. Kyle and Matt are joined by producer Rebecca Steinberg and we take on Matt’s beautiful script, some Never Seen It games, and more! Thank you for listening. Please come find us and podcast fans like yourselves on o...

Patrick Cotnoir and Connor Ratliff Have Never Seen Supernatural

Nov 11 • 01:20:57

Connor Ratliff and Patrick Cotnoir have never seen Supernatural, but they rewrote it. We take on their script, including their “What We Know” page, and then Kyle, Connor, and Patrick play some Never Seen It games, talk Star Wars, and more! ...

Cody Hughes has never seen Halloween Kills (Live from Asheville)

Nov 4 • 01:08:18

Hello folks! Here's our LIVE show in Asheville, NC, last weekend! I hope you enjoy. A DELIGHTFUL script for "Halloween Kills" by Asheville comedian Cody Hughes. Also featuring hilarious Asheville comedians Marlene Thompson and Cameron Davis! A nice late Halloween spooky time script, and some wildly competitive games. Thank you to the small but mighty Asheville crowd!...

Amy Miller Has Never Seen The Ring

Oct 28 • 01:00:09

Amy Miller returns for her now-annual Halloweentime episode! Amy has never seen The Ring, but she rewrote it and we read her script. We talk horror movies, Kyle's lack of seeing the classics, and more! Amy and Kyle are joined by Rebecca Steinberg! ...

Adam Newman Has Never Seen Shrek

Oct 21 • 01:09:22

Adam Newman returns! Adam has never seen Shrek, but he rewrote it and we read his script. Enjoy Adam's take on the very big deal movie that is now a meme. Kyle and Adam are joined by fellow comedian Danny Solomon, who actually does a great Shrek voice, somehow. ...

Kyle Ayers Has Never Seen Greyhound

Oct 14 • 01:16:16

Kyle Ayers has never seen Greyhound, but he rewrote it, and we read his script. And I is he (real sentence). Sadly, our audio from the live show did not capture properly, so Kyle brings his script for Tom Hanks' Greyhound to a proper recording. He is joined by Todd Sklar and Daniel Shar. ...

Sam Wiles Has Never Seen Ted Lasso

Sep 30 • 01:13:58

Sam Wiles has never seen Ted Lasso, but he rewrote it and we read his script! Cohost of the Fight Island podcast Sam Wiles joins Kyle to talk about what he thinks Ted Lasso is, probably a very positive show that we all need right now. Kyle and Sam are joined by the Butt Sketch duo Chris Stephens and Joe McAdam. We talk Ted Lasso, positive shows, what the KC guys on this po...

Matt Lieb Has Never Seen E.T.

Sep 23 • 01:25:55

Matt Lieb Has Never Seen ET, but he rewrote it and we read his script. Kyle is joined by comedian, writer, and more-doer Matt Leib to take on what Matt is pretty sure ET was probably about. Put on your tin foil hat. Matt and Kyle are also joined by Todd Sklar! After many interruptions for Kyle’s puppy, they read the script, and play some rousing Never Seen It Games. Enjoy!...

Abbey Finch and Jenny Jennings Have Never Seen Playing For Keeps

Sep 16 • 01:13:05

Abbey Finch and Jenny Jennings have never seen Playing For Keeps, but they rewrote it and we read their script. Abbey and Jenny are the hosts of ROMComedians, a comedic rom-com podcast, so finding one they’d both never seen was tough. After our first recording attempt was thwarted by Mojo the Puppy, we plugged back in and read their script, played a lot of Rom-Com themed g...

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