Never Ninety Nine

Dr. Chris Odom, D.C.

"health & fitness", comedy
If you want a laugh, while discussing life, love, the world and health. This podcast is for you. Life is an odd mix of amazing and strangeness. Well, so are we. Are you tired of people not telling it to you straight? We keep it 100% authentic. Never Ninety Nine. Dr. Odom and Sarah are passionate,Read more
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Best Episodes

Birthday Bourbon, Crazy Hallucinations, and To Many Wiener Pics

Nov 30, 2020

"What was your first drink?? "




In this episode, Dr. Odom  and Sarah get into some birthday bourbon, it was fantastic!  We figured out that we can not remember anything from 8th grade social studies.  Dr O gets into some crazy hallucinations, and how he is an expert in Ayahuasca because he watched one documentary on theRead more

Clean Hippies, Quantum Physics Magic, and I'm Not Joining Your MLM

Dec 14, 2020

"Don’t smell like body funk LOL "



Need something to listen to or watch? In this episode, Dr. O and Sarah talk about her obsession with colors, clean hippies vs dirty hippies ( which Dr O learns the term Wook), the struggles with meditation, and how we all know a few folks that want you to join their MLM pyramid scheme.This is 90Read more

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Social Anxiety, Dog Farts, and Planetary Chakras

Dec 7, 2020

"How bad are dog farts!?!"




In this episode, Dr. Odom  and Sarah get into why Dr O gets weird in certain social settings and how Sarah is a professional hula hooper.   We discovered that there are planetary chakras, and that its way to easy to find nudity .  Dr O gets his mind exploded when he learns that Jesus might haveRead more

Drug Abuse, Compassion, and Utah Sex Education

Aug 3, 2020

"Should you live in Utah??"



In this week's podcast, Dr. Odom and Olive sit down and chat about Addiction and how it has effected Olive's life, Compassion, and some how got into the differences in how our sex education was way different.  Lets be SocialCome check us out at Never Ninety NineInstagram 👍👍👍👍FacebookRead more

Southern Accents, Aliens, and the Power of Bro Love

Dec 21, 2020

"That joke wasn’t that funny..."


In this episode , Dr O and Sarah get into  aliens, our place in the universe, wet willies ( how bad they suck) , our southern accents and the power of bro love .This is 90 minutes of fantastic nonsense.  DIve in and see where it takes you.Lets be SocialCome check us out at Never Ninety NineRead more
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