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Network Marketing Ninja Podcast With Frazer Brookes


Join Frazer Brookes the Network Marketing Ninja as he shares strategies, insight, and skills on all things Network Marketing. Having attended his first Network Marketing event in the womb in 1987, Frazer has established himself as one of the top speakers, trainers and coaches inside of the NetworkRead more

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How To Make 100+ Sales Per Month In Your Network Marketing Business - Episode 172

Dec 6 • 21:06

In this episode Frazer shares how you will be able to make 100+ sales into your Network Marketing business each month, including how the huge retailers do it. This step by step process will make a lot of sense and allow you to focus on what you need to really be doing to notice progression month to month. Anyone can follow this process, it could be what is stopping you fro...

How Many Social Media Posts Is Best - Episode 171

Nov 29 • 21:46

In this episode Frazer shares how many posts you should be making on your social media platforms as well as what sort of posts you should be creating. This process has allowed Frazer and many others to build a following, growing engagement and make crazy number of sales. Anyone can follow this process, it could be what is stopping you from social media success.

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How To Massively Improve Your Conversion Rates - Episode 170

Nov 22 • 28:27

In this episode Frazer shares the one skill you must focus on if you want to improve your conversion rates when promoting your product, service or opportunity! This skill has allowed myself to build a bigger brand, become an international speaker, train huge organisations and many other things. Simple, but effective when done right.  

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How To Sell More Products Using Stories - Episode 169

Nov 15 • 22:07


In this episode Frazer shares a simple 3 step strategy to make more sales using Instagram and Facebook Stories. It is leveraging a long lasting technique that has been used by almost everyone in our profession, but we have added a special twist. Shoutout to Stefanie Kogler for sharing it w...

How To Gain The Confidence To WIN with Dr Erin Oksol - Episode 168

Nov 8 • 35:43

In this episode Frazer is joined by new friend and upcoming Network Marketing legend, Dr Erin Oksol. As a psychologist Dr E shares how to gain the confidence needed to win, how to start truly believing in yourself and the big bingo moment that happened in her life. This interview was one of Frazer's favourites. Listen out for the Santa Claus analogy! 

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How To Get Lucky In Network Marketing - Episode 167

Nov 1 • 15:47

In this episode Frazer shares how to get lucky in Network Marketing and what happens when that lucky moment comes. Most people are not prepared for it and end up playing the waiting game. He also shares something that used to bother him about certain areas of life he had absolutely no interest in and how to deal with that.  

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The Mindset Fundamentals Needed To Succeed with Debbie Neal - Episode 166

Oct 21 • 44:27

In this episode Frazer is joined by Network Marketing friend and leader, Debbie Neal. As well as a top income earner, Debbie has been able to serve the masses with her energy, passion and mission to help others truly level up. Frazer and Debbie discuss all things mindset including, passion, belief, vision and dealing with the dips that come with all forms of entrepreneursh...

[Coaching Call] How To Become A Better Leader with Yasmin Oakley - Episode 165

Oct 18 • 32:14

In this episode Frazer shares a recent hot seat coaching call with friend and Inner Circle member, Yasmin Oakley. Yasmin asks some great questions that you can all learn from including things on becoming a better coach and leader to her growing organisation. You will be able to tune in to one of these types of episodes once a month.  

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The Power Of Grit And Determination with Deni Robinson - Episode 164

Oct 14 • 37:21

In this episode Frazer is joined by Network Marketing royalty, Deni Robinson. Over 25 years Deni has proven herself to be an incredible leader and ambassador for our wonderful profession. Her story will inspire you to do better and her stories of resilience and grit will push you to keep going more than ever. 

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3 Types Of Network Marketing Mentors - Episode 163

Oct 11 • 17:52

In this episode Frazer shares the 3 different types of Mentors in the Network Marketing space. Including some of the things to look out for, be inspired by, add into your organisation and stay well clear of. It is ok to be the first level of mentor, we all start somewhere, but aspire to be so much better than where you started, but never forget where you began.

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