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It's simple, Netflix Is A Daily Joke is a joke a day podcast. Featuring a daily dose of your favorite Netflix comedians daily. One a day. Everyday.Read more
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Best Episodes

Janelle James: A Joke about Christmas Cards

Dec 8, 2020

"Too much family, not enough familiarity "



Janelle James jokes about Christmas cards in "The Comedy Lineup" only onRead more

Demetri Martin: A Joke about Animals

Nov 24, 2020

"Sending the wrong message to the fly"



Demetri Martin jokes about animals in his special, "Live (At the Time)" only onRead more

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Michelle Wolfe: A Joke about Dicks

Dec 1, 2020

"She’s got a pretty simple solution..."



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Tiffany Haddish: A Joke about Sex Ed

Dec 17, 2020

"The magic cure all? "



Tiffany Haddish jokes about sex ed in her special, "Black Mitzvah" only onRead more

Jenny Slate: A Joke about Divorce

Dec 10, 2020

"Jenny “porn connesiur” Slate"



Jenny Slate jokes about divorce in her special, "Stage Fright" only onRead more

Marc Maron: A Joke about How We Got Here

Oct 24, 2020

" ‘Is he still there?’"



Marc Maron jokes about how we got here in his Netflix special, "End TimesRead more

Dave Chappelle: A Joke about Comparitive Suffering

Oct 2, 2020

"Comparative suffering "


Dave Chappelle jokes about comparitive suffering in his Netflix special, "The Age ofRead more

Ali Wong: A Joke about Balancing Work and Children

Dec 2, 2020

"Ali Wong on men who earn less than their partner "


Ali Wong jokes about balancing work and children in her special, Hardknock Wife only onRead more

Chris Rock: A Joke about Modern Relationships

Jan 12, 2021

"Chris Rock on modern relationships "

Chris Rock jokes about modern relationships in his special "Tamborine" only on Netflix.Read more

Ali Wong: A Joke about Housewives

May 18, 2020

"We all know this! Lean in < Lie down"

Ali Wong jokes about housewives in her Netflix special, "BabyRead more
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