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Issue 71: Whatever Happened To The Black Supermen Of Tomorrow?

Jul 28 • 32:55

In this issue our hosts chat about the canon and the multiversal Last Brothers of Krypton. In the news of not only JJ Abrams Black Superman movie but also the reveal of Michael B Jordan's movie the host decide to chat through every black Superman ever. From Sunshine Superman to the intergalactic fence-jumping Blue Marvel. Tune in to hear them chat how bad an idea it is to ...

Issue 69: Crimes & Climax - Adventures In The Quiet

Jul 14 • 28:36

In this celebratory episode, our hosts take a 2 handed trip through The Quiet. The in-between place filled with self discovery, sticky substances and our main protagonists newest way to save a library. Join them as they explore Vol 1 of Sex Criminals!!...

Issue 68: Udders 4 Justice

Jul 7 • 22:12

Issue 67: The Cutting Room Floor Vol 2

Jun 30 • 19:32

In this episode, our hosts have been talking LGBTQ content throughout the month of June on Itty Bitty Nerdy Committee. They discuss about movies such as Moonlight, Just One Of The Girls, Shine True and finally To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar. Please enjoy a compilation of all the content brought in honor of Pride Month!

#LGBTQ #TwitchCompilation #ShineTrue


Issue 66: The Secret Origin Of Pride And Progress

Jun 30 • 44:26

In this very special episode, our hosts celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of The Stonewall Riot that started Pride by chatting with Dr. James Gigliello. They discuss Marsha P. Johnson, Randy Wicker and other LGBTQ icons of the time, the evolution of the Pride Parade and finally, resources to help us come together in our human struggles.

#LGBTQ+ #PrideHistory #StonewallRiot

As P...

Issue 65: True Representation - Who You Are In Plain Sight

Jun 23 • 23:27

In this episode, our hosts explore Trans characters in media and what it means to have true representation. From the awful and the transphobic, to the current state of progress, they go through characters such as Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe, Krem from Dragon Age, Laverne Cox's Sophia Burset and Batgirl's Alysia Yeoh.

#TransRepresentation #StevenUniverse #LaverneC...

Issue 64: I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It - Coming Around To Coming Out

Jun 16 • 24:49

In this episode, our hosts showcase the stories of three individuals' personal journeys with their own sexuality. Join them as they explore Iceman, Northstar and Lito, three men who through time have come out to rants and raves....

Issue 63: Queer Canon - Being Gay & Finding Your Bae

Jun 9 • 35:35

In this episode, our hosts showcase a wide selection of LGBTQ+ couples across media. From the transformative Hulkling and his partner Wiccan, the DC power couple of Harley and Ivy, the mess of Kate Kane, Renay Montoya and Maggie Sawyer, and finally the Wildstorm standout of Apollo and Midnighter and their traumatic built family....

Issue 62: Shots Of Love With Powers and Passions

Jun 2 • 32:07

In this episode, our hosts bring a showcase of LGBTQ+ characters for the start of PRIDE Month. Firstly the ever stunning Batwoman brings her intelligence, her wit and her tactical training to be an ever learning powerhouse. Secondly, there's Daken, a bastard son of Wolverine from the 40's who explores his pheromone manipulation by bringing down an army base. Next, there's ...

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