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Issue 89: Undetectable Equals Untransmittable - AIDing the Fight Against HIV

Dec 1 • 32:26

In today's episode, World AIDS Day was first observed in 1988 in response to the AIDS pandemic that rose in the early 80's. Dr. James Gigliello returns and discusses the importance of this recognized day with hosts Table and Red.

Enroll in Dr. James' course: https://www.clinical…about-us/instructors

#HIVAwareness #World AIDSDay

Issue 89 - Legion of Super-Heroes - Lexicon Of The Future Revolutions

Nov 24 • 26:20

In this episode, Beastie, Table and Shino meet Bouncing Boy, Saturn Girl and more from the 31st Century in a Legion of Superheroes who's who lesson taught by Red.

#Legionofsuperheroes #DC #YoungJustice #Superboy

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Issue 87: The Spectacular Web Of The Spider-Verse

Nov 17 • 39:26

Issue 86: Make Mine Marvel - A Chronology Through The Cosmos

Nov 10 • 28:13

In this episode, In the beginning...before Earth's Mightiest Heroes stood up, there was nothing and then endless possibilities. Learn the origins of the Marvel Universe. From world creating Celestials to space faring Eternals and everything else beyond, the Nerd Crusade present to you Gods that walk the Earth....

Issue 85: Sand, Swamp and Sp00ks - A Monster Mash Of Madness

Nov 3 • 32:29

In this episode, our hosts chat horror of all kinds in this final installment of our Spooktastic Series. From the horror that is the 1970's Swamp Thing, to The Sands CGI interpretation of 'The Floor Is Lava'. Follow along as our hosts search the depths of space and face a deadly run-in with the Xenomorphs from Alien - Ridley Scotts iconic beast; and face the psychological ...

Issue 84: Kirkland Signature Creature Feature - Discount Dracula's

Oct 27 • 25:45

In this episode, our hosts chat vampires from all over the comic multi-verses. From the 40's came a JSA enemy with unfortunate insignias. Appearing from the Savage Land comes a vampire whose origins involve his dog. Stalking Captain America since the 40's comes a Baron of bloody proportions. Lastly we have the hunter of Wolverine, with an appearance that would make Spawn j...

Issue 83: Houses Of The Undead - DCeased VS Marvel Zombies

Oct 21 • 31:07

In this episode, our hosts walk through the stories of DCeased and Marvel Zombies. Comparing and contrasting how both of the Big 2 tell stories of the undead, deal with the deaths of characters, and the greater aspect of cash cow comics vs telling one and done stories.

#DCeased #MarvelZombies #Zombies

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Issue 82: Dawn Of The Daywalker - Blade Makes Marvel's First Cut

Oct 13 • 36:26

In this episode, our hosts chat through the pre-mcu movie that built the Marvel Studios house, BLADE! Wesley Snipes' most famous role, full of 90's cheese, sexy vampires and the beginning of a Trinity.

#Blade #MCUBlade #WesleySnipes

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Issue 81: Sinister Six Degree of Separation - No Way, Homies

Oct 6 • 25:37

In this episode, our hosts tackle the Sinister Six in Spider-Man No Way Home. The sixth member of a team of villain's bent on taking out the Spider. Doc Ock, Electro, Green Goblin, Lizard rumours and the return of Vulture. Who will round out this team? Will it be Hobgoblin, Mysterio, Mr. Negative, Venom from the Venom movies or have fan theories finally brainwashed us and ...

Issue 80: Hasbro Wars - Toy Sales In Disguise

Sep 30 • 34:46

In this episode, our hosts travel through the History of GI Joe AND the History of Transformers + notes all about the many comic crossovers. What caused them to excel so great in both the East and the West? Who wrote the comics that helped sell the toys and lastly how mad was baby Shino when they killed Optimus Prime?! All these answers and MORE!!

#HistoryOfTransformers #Hi...

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