Navigating The Music Industry (NTMI) With Zoetic Music Management

Zoetic Music Management

We have created a comprehensive guide to 'Navigating The Music Industry' (NTMI) with this podcast that will help artists and their teams learn about others' experiences in music and how to further their career from every angle that matters. We interview some of the most cutting edge players in theRead more
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FAQ’s for record deals, publishing deals & what does master ownership mean in 2021 With Music Attorney Loren Wells (Trevor Daniel, Chuck Berry, Silverstein)

Feb 7, 2021

"Chance The Rapper’s career as an independent artist is the exception not the trend "


Today we break down things you need to know about Record deals, publishing deals, music law basics and what does owning your masters mean in 2021, plus more with music attorney Loren Wells (Trevor Daniel, Chuck Berry, Silverstein, Ricky Desktop) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: TheRead more

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