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NATAL is a podcast docuseries about having a baby while Black in the United States. We pass the mic to Black parents, to tell their stories in their own words, about their pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum care, in their own words. The docuseries also highlights the birthworkers, medicalRead more

Popular episodes

NATAL x NPR Life Kit: Navigating Life After Pregnancy Loss

Apr 13 • 24:47

Despite how common pregnancy loss is, families often suffer in silence. In honor of Black Maternal Health Week (#BMHW21), we teamed up with NPR’s Life Kit to share stories from parents who have experienced loss, and expert advice about how to support loved ones through grief....

The NATAL Summit: Parent Storytellers

Dec 2 • 30:16

Welcome to The NATAL Summit! In this bonus episode, several parent storytellers from NATAL Season One gathered in a multi-generational conversation about the value of oral traditions, agency, and healing for Black birthing parents. You'll hear from:...

The NATAL Summit: Our production team

Nov 26 • 35:17

Welcome to The NATAL Summit! In this bonus episode, our very own production team offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to produce Black stories with dignity and how the team approached the season from a craft perspective. You'll hear from our:...

NATAL Summit: Providers & Birthworkers

Nov 18 • 43:29

Welcome back to The NATAL Summit! In this bonus episode, medical providers and birthworkers share steps needed to create a more integrated model of care that empowers Black birthing parents and protects the sacredness of the childbirth process.  ...

NATAL Summit: Birth Equity Advocates

Nov 11 • 40:59

Welcome to The NATAL Summit! In this bonus episode, birth equity advocates from the non-profit sector to government discuss how they're advancing public narratives, alongside effective data-informed public policies that result in better health outcomes for Black birthing parents. ...

Eight: Trish's Story

Aug 19 • 44:17

In our season finale, Dallas-based mother and doula, Trish, demonstrates what agency from day one looks like for Black birthing parents: Trish shares what inspired her to become a birthworker, as well as the story of her home birth experience, including the phenomenal care she received from her Black midwife and doula. And Congresswoman Alma Adams (D-NC), co-founder of the...

Seven: Alexius' Story

Aug 5 • 37:27

This week we’re at home with Alexius Hill, a Memphis-based young mother who chose to give birth at home despite her family and friends’ concerns about doing so. We discuss the stigma around home births, and explore the radical work of full-spectrum doulas and the ways they strive to provide quality perinatal support for all birthing parents....

Six: Brittany's Story

Jul 22 • 53:38

After receiving subpar care with OBGYNs at her local hospital, Brittany pursues pre-natal care with a midwife. In this episode, we explore alternative care models for Black birthing parents, and hear from Demetra Seriki, a midwife in Colorado....

Five: Marilyn and Yvonne's Stories

Jul 8 • 44:51

Marilyn and Yvonne are two parents determined to grow their families. When pregnancy loss disrupts their plans, they turn to their faith. Please note, this episode contains graphic details about miscarriage and stillbirth....

Crosspost: KalaLea's Story

Jun 24 • 38:29

Today we’re airing a special episode from the Bodies podcast. Their show follows women and non binary folx on their journeys to solve the mysteries of their bodies.  In this episode you’ll hear from Kalalea. After more than a decade of suffering, KalaLea discovers that the cause of her painful periods is common for Black women, but far from normal....

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