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Startups. Engineering. Building. Terraforming, geology, construction, manufacturing, biotech, synthetic biology, space, aerospace, energy. Future futurism. Heroism. Looking for the founders building the next Tesla's and the next SpaceX's. FVTRISM Support this podcast:Read more

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The FVTR of Radiation Shielding - Yanni Barghouty (Co-Founder of Cosmic Shielding) Ep14

Nov 8 • 01:46:52

Yanni Barghouty is the founder of Cosmic Shielding, a startup building new materials to shield astronauts from space radiation - especially secondary radiation. Their materials can eventually be used to shield space stations like the International Space Station, protect satellites from radiation, create radiation-shielded astronaut suits and even possibly build rockets fro...

The Future of Algae and Terraforming with Elliot Roth (Founder of Spira Inc) Ep 13

Oct 28 • 01:17:27

Elliot Roth is the founder of Spira Inc, a startup using algae to create profitable projects while capturing carbon. We discuss his origin story, how he  went through some tough times and got to where he is now, his magnetic implants, ideas for terraforming mars/venus/earth and more. My brain felt electric after this conversation, enjoy! ...

The Future of Bioelectricity and Xenobots with Sam Kriegman Ep 12

Sep 18 • 01:02:32
Sam Kriegman is a computer scientist turned postdoc researcher at the Wyss lab for Biologically Inspired Engineering with Michael Levin, the bio electricity researcher who regenerated limbs on a frog. Sam has focused on evolutionary design for creating xenobots, which are created from frog embryos and sculpted into tiny living organisms. They are absolutely incredible and ...

The Future of Neuromodulation with Milan Cvitkovic Ep 11

Sep 14 • 01:03:38

Milan is a machine learning engineer newly focused on the field of neuromodulation. Neuromodulation is the science of using inputs to the brain to modify brain and nerve cell activity. Most devices are 'wellness' devices, such as Halo or Neurable, that can increase your muscle growth or focus, but there are also more advanced devices coming onto the market. For example, Co...

Preventing Hangovers with Synthetic Biology - Zack Abbott (Founder of Zbiotics) Ep 10

Jul 8 • 01:02:37

[note: posting tiktok about this tomorrow]. When you drink alcohol, the alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde, which is harmful to our body. Our liver has enzymes to process this acetaldehyde into non-toxic by-products, but our stomach does not. So, Zbiotics created a drink with genetically engineered microbes that contain these enzymes, which then gives your stomach the ...

The Future Of Longevity with Jose Luis Ricon (Artirkel) Ep9

Jun 30 • 01:24:18

Jose is currently focused on research in the Longevity space. We discuss his longevity experiments, what the field needs, and what he's most excited about. ...

The Future of the Battery Supply Chain - Alex Grant Ep8

Mar 11 • 49:15

We talk about the future of the battery supply chain, direct lithium extraction technologies, battery supply chain SPACs, geothermal desalination, geothermal brines and more!...

Meeting Elon Musk, Living (hopefully) on Mars and Documenting The Starship Development Process - Austin Barnard Ep7

Feb 21 • 32:33

Austin Barnard is a fellow content creator, living down in South Texas and documenting the Starship development process. We talk about why he loves Starship, why he wants to live (and possibly die) on Mars, and what it was like meeting Elon! Austin is a super cool guy, this was an awesome conversation. Make sure to follow him on twitter @austinbarnard45 to stay updated on ...

Building A Mini Boring Company - PipeDream and Hyperlogistics with Garrett Scott (Ep6)

Feb 11 • 42:04

Garrett is building a mini 'Boring Company' using underground pipes to be able to deliver items in 30 seconds or less to your home. This means you wouldn't need to own things like screwdrivers, you would just get one delivered whenever you needed it. This is a super futuristic hardtech company that requires a ton of vision to pull off, so I'm super excited to share this wi...

The Future Of Wall Street and De-Fi w/ Alex Masmej Ep5

Feb 2 • 42:25


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