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405: Bella! Where the Hell Have You Been Loca?

Sep 17 • 01:02:39

404: A Very Twilight Musical

Jul 1 • 00:00

403: How to White Fang Your Girlfriend 101

Jun 9 • 01:02:15

Okay, so we are still on this Twilight journey. We know it's all downhill from New Moon, therefore we are excited to talk about how brown this movie is, and how Bella can't fully open her eyes. And yes, we discuss the book at some point. However, keep in mind we haven't read it since we were 16 and thrust into either team Edward or team Jacob, so details are a little foggy...

402: The Blue One

May 3 • 01:24:54

Vampires:  a tale as old as time. So why did we all get hooked, and then subsequently hateful of this series? Twilight continues to baffle us. So join the shady ladies as we beat the crap out of this book and movie. Oh, and did we mention that this is also a four part series? Maybe part four will even be split into two parts, because we need to drag out the pain a little l...


Apr 9 • 01:03:45

First of all, we apologize for the hiatus we have been on. If you are wondering why, where, who, how, etc., then just listen to this episode because we get into it. But not without also addressing Animal Crossing, German traffic patterns, and sweaty dance classes. Also it is time to dig up all our high school shame, as next time we begin to discuss TWILIGHT. Again, sorry f...

310: The Truth About Chicken Wings

Nov 9 • 01:03:58

We're back again and later than ever before! You didn't think we'd go a year without a Halloween episode, did you? Lucky for us, Halloween isn't just a day. It's a state of mind. Plus, we recorded this the day after Halloween, so we were still feeling spooky. Anyway, this week we're talking about haunted places in Buffalo. We've got all the classic spooks: haunted theaters...

309: Cliff Hanger and Justin Time

Oct 19 • 59:33
HELLO ITS GABY WE LITERALLY RECORDED THESE IN SEPTEMBER I JUST DIDN'T POST THEM UNTIL NOW 2020 AMIRITE. I haven't posted the podcast in so long, it's nice to see you all again. How are you? I hope you enjoy this long awaited episode, I will make it up to you somehow! Anyway, go read the episode description I wrote!!

Today on our very serious literary podcast, we decided to ...

308: We Got Cursed

Sep 14 • 01:04:23

What do Waluigi, Westley from the Princess Bride, Jess Mariano, and Geralt from the Witcher have in common? They're all bad boys. You know we can't resist those leather jackets (or long purple overalls), defiant attitudes and smoldering eyes. On this podcast, we've taken it upon ourselves to tier rank all the bad boys we could think of (sort of). Find out which boys we wou...

307: Very Bad Network

Aug 31 • 53:11

Welcome back to our very on topic, very serious literary podcast. This episode we wrap up our discussion on Tomi Adeyemi's amazing book, Children of Blood and Bone. Like I said, this is a very serious discussion that we waste absolutely no time getting to. We do not make absolutely any jokes. We do discuss an epic sword fight, a tragic betrayal and a cliffhanger ending. An...

306: Mario?

Aug 17 • 57:25

Welcome back to our nonsense book club! We're still enamored with Tomi Adeyemi's Children of Blood and Bone. This week we're covering the first half of the book. So if you haven't read it, watch out for spoilers! Of course, we have to talk more about flip flopper Inan, the relationship between Binta and Amari, and one of the coolest settings in the book....that reminded Ca...

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