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Nappy Boy Radio with T-Pain

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So let’s get this straight...this ain’t your average podcast! “Nappy Boy Radio” with T-Pain is a fun, crazy, and in your face conversation among friends and guests of the legendary artist as he unleashes his rolodex of musicians, actors, athletes and few other “extracurricular” associates he’s hadRead more

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The Button Question Compilation Part 1 | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #18

Nov 20 • 43:04

It's THE infamous Button Question! When guests arrive to T-Pain's Nappy Boy Radio Podcast you better be ready for a ride. Everyone gets asked this same question but not everyone has the same heart. We start out with Shameik Moore (who instantly wants to know what a stranger is doing walking into his house). Gary Owen provides an iconic answer as always. Rotimi doesn't disa...

Shameik Moore | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #17

Nov 5 • 01:10:43

T-Pain is joined by triple-threat Shamiek Moore for an action packed deep conversation. From dancing in music videos to acting in films Shamiek talks about appreciating his success. He's done it all! Find out how military school and ballet shaped his life, his drive, and helped his career. Shamiek runs through his top 5 favorite actors, talks about why mis-information is k...

Roy Wood Jr. Knew T-Pain's Dad?? | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #16

Oct 29 • 02:14:30

From Tallahassee to Comedy Central, Roy Wood Jr. joins T-Pain's Nappy Boy Radio Podcast for a trip down Hood memory lane. T-Pain finds out that Roy used to visit a club in town that was owned by his father and the insane stories that came from the spot. Oh, and three out of the four times Roy was shot happened in Tallahassee. Find out what it took to get Roy to jump into c...

The Best of 'Nappy Boy Radio Podcast' - Vol. 1

Oct 8 • 35:52

Check out some of T-Pain's funniest moments from the show. Comedian Hannibal Buress price matches at Target and introduces T-Pain to a classic Chicago staple 'Moo and Oink'. Producer Jazze Pha takes us back to the first time he was introduced to T-Pain. Mike Tyson's enjoying life on magic mushroom's & social media queen B. Simone reveals why she reads the comments on her s...

Big Cheese KIT Brings Diversity to Gaming

Oct 8 • 01:37:48
IT Professional turned Twitch Streamer and Nappy Boy Gaming's very own Big Cheese KIT join's T-Pain's Nappy Boy Radio Podcast for this very special gamer episode. Find out what it took for Big Cheese to quit his job and start streaming. T-Pain has a very special announcement, and the two discuss what it means to be a minority in the gaming industry. The definition of "Infl...

Piao Is The Next Big Thing | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #14

Sep 23 • 59:42

Piao Huang is the next Pop/R&B superstar to take the world by storm. Originally born in the city of Shanghai, she then moved to Toronto as a child. Growing up in a musical family, her mom who is also a singer, would put earbuds on her stomach so Piao could listen in. After moving to Canada, Piao was accepted into the prestigious Young Artist Performance Academy of The Roya...

Rotimi Has The Power | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #13

Sep 9 • 45:15

Lucky episode number 13! Superstar Rotimi and his arms stop by T-Pain's Nappy Boy Radio Podcast for an adventure-filled episode. They go behind the scenes to get to the bottom of what actually happened when Rotimi found out about his character (spoiler alert?) on Power. Sometimes you just have to trust the creative process. Song of the week is the latest hit from Rotimi hi...

Gary Owen Lets It All Out | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #12

Aug 30 • 01:21:29

This week on T-Pain's Nappy Boy Radio Podcast comedian Gary Owen joins the crew for an unforgettable episode. In possibly the greatest collaboration of comedy and music history, T-Pain agrees to remix an angry voicemail from Gary's dad to Gary. It's brilliant and Gary agrees to use it to open up his next show. Fitness becomes a topic of discussion as Gary brings up Oranget...

B. Simone - The Queen of the Internet

Aug 21 • 01:13:31

Therapy is in session when comedian & viral internet star B. Simone joins T-Pain for an unforgettable hour of laughs. B. Simone opens up about her life journey and her recent relationship break up. She runs down her top 5 guilty pleasures from Mukbang to reading The Shade Room comments and so much more. Then the crew answers the burning questions. What happened when T-Pain...

EarthGang's Top Five Groups of All Time | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #10

Aug 14 • 01:29:30

Atlanta's very own EarthGang stopped by to chat with T-Pain about exactly what they've been up to during the pandemic. Olu (AKA Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (AKA Doctur Dot) get into it as they sip on their custom cocktails. J. Cole's basketball stint left them wondering are athletes able to crossover into music the same way musicians are able to crossover into sports? Listeri...

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