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We take an expert look at the latest cybersecurity incidents, how they happened, and why. Tune in weekly to learn what you can do to stop bad things from happening to you! Got questions/suggestions/stories to share? Email: Twitter: @NakedSecurity Instagram: @NakedSecurity

Popular episodes

S3 Ep61: Call scammers, cloud insecurity, and facial recognition creepiness

Dec 2 • 29:00

S3 Ep60: Exchange exploit, GoDaddy breach and cookies made public

Nov 25 • 30:38

Cybercsecurity tips for the holiday season and beyond. Exchange at risk from public exploit. GoDaddy loses passwords for 1.2m users. Longest-lived Windows version ever. Don't make your cookies public. And the day that umbrellas became an anti-DDoS tool....

S3 Ep59: Emotet, an FBI hoax, Samba bugs, and a hijackable suitcase

Nov 18 • 33:37

S3 Ep58: Faces on Facebook, scams that pose as complaints, and a Kaseya bust

Nov 11 • 31:43

We enjoy the Sophos 2022 Threat Report. The world's {oldest, coolest} continously maintained browser. Facebook folds up its Face Recognition feature. Crooks combine a new social engineering scam with a new way of packaging malware. Kaseya ransomware suspect busted in Poland. Oh! No! How to block radio communications in a country with no hills....

S3 Ep57: Europol v. Ransomware, Shrootless bug, and Linux browser flamewars

Nov 4 • 29:21

Norbert (huzzah for Norbert!) does tech support. Europol digs into the ransomware scene. Microsoft finds a wacky bug in Apple's shell. The Morris worm turns 33. Edge on Linux phans the phlames. Ola! Gibberish peculiarity textual solvage....

S3 Ep56: Cryptotrading rodent, ransomware hackback, and a Docusign phish

Oct 28 • 34:27

S3 Ep55.8: Purple teaming - learning to think like your adversaries

Oct 25 • 25:22

S3 Ep55.6: Cyberinsurance - help or hindrance?

Oct 25 • 26:32

S3 Ep55.4: Supply chain attacks and how to avoid them

Oct 25 • 26:43

S3 Ep55.2: Malware - the never-ending story

Oct 25 • 28:00

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