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my millennial money

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Join Glen James and John Pidgeon as they take a light-hearted look at money issues for millennials. Will they encourage you? Yep Will you be offended? Maybe Will they please everyone? No Follow my millennial money on insta :)

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448 the great resignation, buying a home in Sydney, good & bad financial pressure, rent or buy, habits & goals, risk tolerance to starting something new + more

Dec 6 • 45:52
This ep was recorded at our live event in Sydney, thanks everyone who came to hang out!

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447b the relationship between Australia + China (with Matt Bevan & Shelley Johnson)

Dec 1 • 47:14
Reporter and journalist Matt Bevan, has a great way of summarising complex topics and issues for the everyday person to understand. Matt hosts the ABC podcast, 'China, If You're Listening', and joins Glen and Shelley Johnson (host of my millennial career) for a chat about the relationship between Australia and China and its influence on our economy. The convo touches on:

447 paying down HECS, investing for kids, saving with a smaller income, addicted to savings + more

Nov 29 • 58:24
So great to have Aleks Nikolic from @brokegirlwealth on Insta, guest hosting this episode with Glen! Aleks and Glen get into these questions from the m3 community:
👉am I better off paying into my two children's HECs fees as opposed to giving them cash due to inheritance?
👉🏾how do you assess the risks of new and emerging thematic ETFs
👉🏿how the money world and desire for ...

446b deep dive: Q&A with a mortgage broker

Nov 24 • 01:01:55
You guys had SO many questions for this episode! Rachelle Kroon from Sphere Home Loans joins Glen and John for this deep dive Q&A. They touch on:
👉🏽what research should you do before speaking to a mortgage broker and is there a good time to?
👉things you can do to maximise your chances of getting a home loan
👉🏿how does HECS/HELP debt affect borrowing
👉🏼why it might not b...

446 giving up career for love, living abroad, partner is a spender, ethical super, helping immigrant parents to invest + more

Nov 22 • 58:01
Glen and John get into these questions and topics from the m3 community:
👉🏾I gave up my career for love to move to the Outback. How do I not fall behind financially?
👉🏿immigrant parents not understand how to invest
👉🏻tips for living or working abroad
👉my partner is a spender and struggles to stick to the spending plan. Our goals seem unachievable, how do I get them on b...

445c bonus: Senator Andrew Bragg on cryptocurrency regulation 🚀

Nov 19 • 44:29
Bonus ep for ya! Glen chats with Senator Andrew Bragg, who Chaired the Select Senate committee: Australia as a Finance and Tech Centre. They touch on the committee's recommendations for regulating crypto and also get into some discussions around BNPL, finfluencers and the environment.

Register here for Glen's Introduction to Crypto webinar:

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445b gen x story: money, business, family trusts, retiring in other countries + more

Nov 17 • 01:03:27
Community member, Neil Benson met Glen and John at the Brisbane live event earlier this year. Neil joins Glen for a chat about his story and how he manages his money! His story touches on:
👉🏽being self-employed
👉🏿how he teaches his kids about money
👉managing money as a couple
👉🏼his view on financial independence
👉🏾using family trusts
👉holding retirement fu...

445 drink now pay later, investing wedding savings, buying in a hot market, dealing with comparison + more

Nov 15 • 49:32
Pub now, pay later?! Glen and John give their two cents on Afterpay's latest development and answer these questions from the m3 community:
👉🏾we're saving for a wedding but don't want the money to sit there and do nothing. Should we invest half in an ETF or keep it in the savings account?
👉🏿how do I stop comparing myself to other peoples' money journeys?
👉🏻I'm moving ove...

444b pay off mortgage or invest (campfire chat with Glen, John + Vince Scully)

Nov 10 • 01:05:19
Get your marshmallows ready! Glen, John and Vince are settling around the campfire to discuss, do I a) pay off the mortgage, b) use the money to invest. This chat is set at intermediate / advanced but everyone's welcome at the campfire!

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444 Exciting News! what ETF would you invest in, how much do I save vs invest, buying property with SMSF, trust or no trust + more

Nov 8 • 01:01:55
Good news about the future of my millennial money! Glen shares a special announcement. Plus Glen and John discuss questions from the m3 community and share people's answers to a question in the Facebook group: if you had $10,000 and could invest it into an ETF or managed fund, what would you choose and why?

Check out the courses and resources Glen mentions, here: https://ww...

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