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My Life As a Foodie


Join host Phil Nigash as he explores the food culture of America and the world.

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episode 120 :: ugly delicious

Nov 15 • 46:23

episode 119 :: a meat free diet

Nov 4 • 37:36

episode 118 :: elevated roast

Oct 16 • 01:01:39
My brother Chuck joins the show to discuss all things coffee as he launches his new coffee roasting company Elevated Roast. Like most artisans, his passion for roasting coffee started as a hobby over a decade ago and it didn't take long for that passion to turn into a profession. Chuck knows practically everything there is to know about what makes the difference between an...

episode 117 :: albert adria

Oct 2 • 30:24

episode 116 :: the great mustard war

Sep 19 • 28:46
Outside of the LeBron era, being a sports fan in Cleveland has been as enjoyable as a root canal. Thankfully, there's a great mustard war going on that makes an otherwise dreadful ballpark hot dog relatively gameworthy. Still reeling from Bourdain's death, I discuss some recent revelations that shed light on his possible motives for suicide. My brother will be my guest on ...

episode 115 :: eat. race. win.

Aug 16 • 33:47
EAT. RACE. WIN. is a behind-the-scenes adventure into the biggest annual sporting event in the world: The Tour de France. Yes, even bigger than the Super Bowl. The show follows Chef Hannah Grant, who takes us on her race within the race as she sources performance food for Australia's pro cycling team, Orica-Scott. Hannah shows us exactly what it takes to perform at the edg...

episode 114 :: legacy

Aug 12 • 30:46

episode 113 :: beer

Sep 5 • 46:37
It’s been over two years since I turned my back on the craft brew scene. In doing research for the show, I found that the landscape had changed drastically. The numbers are staggeringly high. What made the biggest impression on me, however, was the growth of home brewing. As of last November, there were an estimated 1.2 million people making beer at home. And while I know ...

episode 112 :: city of gold

Aug 28 • 44:05
Even for viewers who've never read or heard of food critic Jonathan Gold, City of Gold offers a thoroughly entertaining introduction to a talented writer and brilliant career. In this documentary, Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold shows us a Los Angeles where ethnic cooking is a kaleidoscopic portal to the mysteries of an unwieldy city and the soul of Americ...

episode 111 :: chef

Aug 24 • 40:21
After a controlling owner pushes him too far, chef Carl Casper quits his position at a prestigious Los Angeles restaurant. As he tries to figure out what his next step should be, he finds himself in Miami. Carl joins forces with his ex-wife, best friend and son to launch a food-truck business, and the venture provides a chance to reignite his passion for cooking, as well a...

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