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My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

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Since 2006, bringing historical context to the politics of today. TV pundits discuss politics in a vacuum. Cable news tells you everything is 'breaking news' but in most cases, events have long roots in history. In this podcast, we smash and bash the politics of today with a healthy dose of history

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The 1890's Part IV: Imperialism Just Happened

Dec 6 • 01:57:43

A look at not only the Spanish-American War but the events leading up to it, including those events in Spanish politics that made tough talk as desirable in The Cortez as it was in the Congress. A look at the drift of American projection of power in the Harrison and Cleveland administrations. How McKinley wins an election on curing depression and the money supply, but his ...

Near-President Bob Dole? Biden v. Dukakis, Gary Hart Tries to Save America, For Real and Other Fables of the 1988 Election

Dec 5 • 44:39

Bob Dole's passing has us thinking again about the fateful 1988 election and its consequences. Extra's from a series of podcasts we did on that election that were not aired to the main audience. After the series of episodes on the 1988 election, Bruce discussed the making of those episodes and some leftover stories that didn't make it in. Among them - the Kitty Dukakis sto...

The 1890's Part III: No, Not That Winston Churchill

Nov 29 • 01:03:06

The nation goes to Mars. In a book, at least. A look at the cultural 1890's decade. Science fiction, A new form of voiced patriotism, Exploding growth in cities. And an American Winston Churchill....

The 1890's Part II: Tin Man

Nov 22 • 01:06:13

In this second look at the decade of the 1890's. Economic disaster and marching citizens. Pitchfork and tin making rebellion. Competing metals and ideas. An election only makes clearer the divisions in society - it does not create them. An author struggle to captures these modern conflicts and develop a new fairy tale....

The 1890's: Part I : Mauve Decade

Nov 15 • 01:07:20

How did things get modern in America? The popularity of a color derived from coal tar is just one of the ways. A look at the 1890's, a decade where America developed in many ways. A look at the 1890's, a decade where America developed in many ways. This is part of a FOUR PART series of podcasts on My History Can Beat Up Your Politics. X-rays, flying machines, oyster pirate...

Inflation Gardens and Other Stories

Nov 4 • 35:06

It's the most abstract of the economic stats and yet, it's the most personal. It's the one that often has turned Presidents into crusaders. And sometimes turned the American people into the critical actors, volunteers or even 'the problem'. Pins, gardens and tough talk on this episode about Presidents, shrinking dollars, and rising prices....

News Stories From 1921 That Matter Today - with Jon Blackwell

Nov 1 • 01:10:28

Auctioning people for paid jobs, Resisting smoking and liquor bans, Actors in trouble, Fistfight in Congress, Prosperity around the corner and News articles spreading fear and encouraging violence. With Jon Blackwell, Wall Street Journal Editor and creator of the Twitter handle This Day in 1921, we discuss significant news stories of 1921 that have meaning for today involv...

Introducing "Smoke Screen: The Sellout"

Oct 26 • 14:51

Jose Huizar grew up in Boyle Heights – a working-class Latinx neighborhood in L.A. Eventually, he became their councilperson. He ran on promises of solidarity and community. And, for the most part, people trusted Huizar... until the day the FBI raided his home and offices, looking for evidence of corruption. The Feds would go on to say that Huizar led a criminal enterprise...

Ashamed in the Day of Judgment - Resistance to Jackson Indian Removal Policy in its Time

Oct 25 • 48:34

Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren's policy of Indian population removal, which lead to the Trail of Tears and thousands of deaths, was not uncontested or passively allowed at the time. Nearly half of Congress opposed it, as did petition writers all over the nation. So did one of the President's former friends and of course, most of the elected representatives of the Cher...

The Miserable Daniel D. Tompkins, Vice President

Oct 18 • 36:11

Vice President under Monroe, Tompkins was a popular populist republican governor of New York and symbol of young America. But he had a problem....

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