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Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.

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MBMBaM 560: Starter in the Jarter

May 17 • 58:35

We’re gonna hit you with the shrink ray, put you in our pocket, and take you on a journey with us. It’s not going to be a very exciting journey, since you’ll be in a pocket and everything. And we’re not sure where we’re going exactly. But it’s a journey....

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MBMBaM 554: Tub Pumpkin

Mar 29 • 56:58

We’re here to answer all your most pressing questions about Krispy Kreme’s clever secret coffee ingredient and sexy typefaces. We also get into the wet: dolphins, and the dry: accidental arson....

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MBMBaM 558: The Star of the Sandwich Show

May 3 • 01:05:26

You know we’ve gotten into the big league when we get questions from Huntington’s own legend Tim Irr, who has famously been gifted so many handkerchiefs he’s running out of places to keep them....

15 reactions

MBMBaM 555: Come Get a Sack

Apr 12 • 55:59

We’ve heard the news that Yahoo answers will soon be no more, and Griffin has returned from paternity leave to workshop things to fill the void. Things like mandatory joking at the office, forklift operator vigilantes, and cake-on-a-stick dessert. It’s a work in progress....

14 reactions

MBMBaM 563: A Streetcar Named Deez Nuts

Jun 7 • 59:24

Summer’s here! It’s time to bust out the new splashes and signature scents. Don’t have a signature scent? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with this lil’ baby. It has a base fragrance of chicken sandwiches with top notes of zinc oxide and kolaches....

10 reactions

MBMBaM 561: Bless My Farts

May 24 • 56:24

We all knew it was coming. Criss Angel, tired of escaping from boxes and chains, has broken free of the confines of Munch Squad with his new Nevada restaurant. One hundred years of crafting couldn't have come up with a better name. So, that’s it. We’ve got to concede naming restaurants for the foreseeable future....

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MBMBaM 552: Introducing Fredo Cooljazz

Mar 15 • 01:07:58

The time has come for the greatest reveal the Earth has ever known. It’s time for you to hear the new MBMBaM Theme. Also, the rest of the episode is pretty good too. Like, top 200 at least. (Feat. Special Guestpert: Montaigne!)...

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MBMBaM 566: This is My Juice Spot

Jun 29 • 58:39

We’ve got a brand new motto for everyone and anyone out there who needs it. Ready? ACT STRONG. You don’t even have to BE strong, just ACT it. Get some inflatable dumbbells to carry around. Drink those spicy shots....

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MBMBaM 538: Shoegaze Mopeytones

Dec 8 • 55:11

This week’s episode is chock-full of breaking news alerts, most of which send us spiraling hornily into homemade Home Improvement erotic fiction. I swear to God I’ve written this exact description for an episode before. What is wrong with us?...

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MBMBaM 530: Boat Beauties

Oct 5 • 01:01:31

This one’s all boats and teeth, y’all. A lot of boat talk, a lot of cruising the high seas on our Yatch in search of adventure. A lot of teeth chat, specifically about our audience’s artistic dental desires. Boats and teeth, teeth and boats. All the way down....

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