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This podcast is an open-ended exploration of topics relating to growing and preserving your wealth including investing, markets, decision making under opacity, risk, volatility, and complexity. Mutiny Fund is a multi-strategy long volatility fund designed to give retail investors a way to insureRead more

Popular episodes

[MM]28. John Krautsack

Nov 16 • 01:09:26

In this episode, I talk with John Krautsack. John is the Chairman and CEO of EMC Capital Advisors....

[MM]27. Tim Pickering

Jul 14 • 01:10:03

In this episode, I talk with Tim Pickering. Tim is the founder, President and CIO of Auspice....

[MM]26. Jerry Parker

Jun 25 • 01:13:30

In this episode, we talk with Jerry Parker from Chesapeake Capital. ...

[MM]25. Aaron Larkin and Matt Laviolette

Jun 4 • 56:54

In this episode, we talk with Aaron Larkin and Matt Laviolette, Co-Founders of Breakout Funds. Breakout Funds, LLC ("Breakout") incorporates quantitative global macro thematic views with current news events to place discretionary short term concentrated trades in futures markets. Our trading approach draws on a combined 30 years of experience in the proprietary trading spa...

Quarter 1, 2021 Update

May 5 • 28:36

In this episode I am joined by Mutiny Fund CIO Jason Buck and our close partner at RCM Alternatives, Jeff Malec. ...

24. Cem Karsan

Apr 23 • 01:10:09

In this episode, we talk with Cem Karsan, CIO and Founder of Kai Volatility Advisors (formerly Aegea).  After his successful trading career, Cem decided to leverage his volatility arbitrage expertise by improving upon many of the flawed strategies he had witnessed during his tenure as a market maker. To that end, Kai Volatility Advisors has created a non-correlated and sca...

[MM]23. Jagdeesh Prakasam

Apr 1 • 01:21:31

In this episode, we talk with Jag Prakasam, CEO of Rotella Capital Management. Jagdeesh Prakasam oversees all aspects of the firm, including its investment, FinTech solution offerings and operations. He joined RCM in 2003 as a Researcher primarily focused on supporting the research efforts in portfolio construction, risk management, and overlay strategies for the firm’s co...

[MM]22. Kris Sidial

Mar 10 • 01:15:36

In this episode, we talk with Kris Sidial, CIO and founder of Ambrus Group.  The Ambrus Group is a volatility arbitrage focused firm that was founded in 2018. The firm takes pride in having a math driven ethos that specializes in leveraging an in-depth knowledge of volatility skew while applying a discretionary twist to quantitative volatility strategies....

[MM]21. Brett Nelson

Feb 17 • 01:09:56
In this episode, we talk with Brett Nelson, CIO and founder of Certeza Asset Management. Certeza focuses on investments in volatility using proprietary algorithms to capture perceived mis-pricings in the VIX term structure.   We talk about the start of VIX trading from VRO to modern VIX products.  His background from winning math competitions, isolating Vega on S&P options...

Quarter 4 2020 Update

Feb 2 • 01:33:14

In this episode I am joined by Mutiny Fund CIO Jason Buck and our close partner at RCM Alternatives, Jeff Malec. ...

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