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An exploration of music production through informal discussions about technique, philosophy, gear, and creativity. Hosted by Brian Funk, a musician, songwriter, teacher, and Ableton Certified Trainer.

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#246: Bill Small - Getting Out of Our Own Way

Dec 3 • 56:53

Bill Small is a musician, songwriter, and founder of Artist Mind Inc. He has lots of experience in just about all aspects of the music business. Bill applies what he has learned over the years as a personal coach for people from all walks of life, including artists, lawyers, doctors, and entrepreneurs. ...

#245: Tyler Campbell - Founder of Alder Audio

Nov 28 • 01:25:15

Tyler Campbell is the founder of Alder Audio. He hand makes high-quality ribbon microphones in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Coming from a background in chemistry, music, and working for his father's business, Tyler combines his skills to create his own unique microphones....

#244: 3 Ways to Write Music "Bird by Bird"

Nov 22 • 15:42

I recently read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont, a book of advice for writers. Although it is intended for writers, there are some really nice lessons for us music producers. This episode of the podcast is all about those lessons and how we can apply them to our music making....

#243: Serik aka Hyperbits - Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

Nov 15 • 01:18:45

Serik Slobodskoy is a music producer and founder of the Hyperbits music school. Serik began his musical career in bands, then became a DJ and music producer. After an exciting period of touring, he found his true calling in teaching music production....

#242: Making Music with Black Holes - Valery Vermeulen

Nov 10 • 02:12:09

Valery Vermeulen is a Belgian mathematician, lecturer, data analyst, and electronic musician. His new album, Mikromedas, was made using data from black holes....

#241: The Dunning-Kruger Effect and Your Confidence

Nov 4 • 12:10

Making music is a challenging mental game. Every session involves puzzles and obstacles. ...

#240: Pride in Our Musical Love Handles with Kris of They Owe Us

Oct 27 • 01:20:58

Kristopher Ragnstam is the creative force behind The Owe Us, a rock/alternative/electronic band from Sweden. Kris recently released the band's new album, Kram, to much critical acclaim. ...

#239: Pushing Music Tech Forward with Adam McHeffey of Artiphon

Oct 19 • 53:01

Adam McHeffey is Director of Marketing at Artiphon. Artiphon is using cutting-edge technology to create intuitive musical instruments anyone can play. Their latest instrument, the Orba, resembles a sliced-in-half grapefruit that musical newcomers will be making music with within minutes while giving seasoned musicians new levels of expression and flexibility....

#238: Whether You Think You Can or Can't, You're Right

Oct 10 • 07:57

So much of music production is in our mindset. Is yours working for you or against you?...

#237: The Slang - Writing, Producing, and Collaborating on their new album

Sep 23 • 01:17:08

John Bobo and Felix Nieto are The Slang, a rock band that is releasing their new album, Divide, on 9/24/21. John, a singer-songwriter, and Felix, a producer and engineer, collaborate out of Washington DC to create their blend of alternative, rock, and power pop music....

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