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In Season One Tony will cover his life with a brain injury and how it eventually led him to corresponding with some of the world's most notorious serial killers. The first season will describe Tony's 6 year relationship with David Gore. Through Gore’s letters you will get to know this monster’sRead more

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Question & Answer Bonus Episode, Season 1

Aug 19 • 59:59

The Scalps!

Aug 12 • 41:44

Slipping Through The Cracks Of Justice

Aug 5 • 32:26

Survivor, The Angela Hommell Story

Jul 29 • 01:42:24

Tony and Al talk with Angela Hommell as she describes in detail how she was abducted and raped by David Gore and Fred Waterfield. Angela is a true hero and her story will both sadden, and shock you. When you hear the full story about how she was treated after the rape I guarantee it will enrage you.  Angela tells us how she literally was raped twice, once by Fred and David...

Gore Stops Talking***Forever

Jul 22 • 59:02

Just Keep Talking David

Jul 15 • 42:09

Gore Keeps Talking

Jul 8 • 50:40

Caught, Like Rats In A Trap

Jul 1 • 01:13:30

The Killing of Innocence

Jun 24 • 57:28

Gore discusses how many victims he and Fred killed. He also talks about serial killers mindset when it came to their trophies. In a shocking revelation Gore describes why he took scalps as trophies and what he would do with them. During this episode Tony will share a tragic story that we call the Killing of Innocence. Gore describes the rape and brutal murder of two 14 yea...

The Rose

Jun 17 • 57:38

David Gore discusses how he took polaroid pictures of his victims and buried them with the scalps he took as trophies. He promises Tony he will draw him a map and give detailed instructions as to where they are buried. While doing investigation for Tony's book The Serial Killer Whisperer Tony comes across a cold case that sounds very similar to a murder 
that Gore describes...

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