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Murder in Oregon

True-crime • Society-and-culture

In January of 1989 the director of Oregon’s Department of Corrections, Michael Francke, was brutally stabbed to death outside his office in Salem. The murder was quickly ruled a “car burglary gone wrong” and pinned on a low-level drug dealer named Frank Gable, a man who Francke's own brother,Read more

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Introducing: The MLK Tapes

Jan 10 • 02:43

Hi, Murder in Oregon fans! iHeartPodcasts and TenderfootTV are excited to announce The MLK Tapes - a brand new podcast that takes a second look at the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We think you'll enjoy the thrilling storytelling, but don't just take our word for it. Check out the trailer to decide for yourself!...

Ep 12 | Epilogue

Jan 9 • 48:23

Ep 11 | Habeas Corpus

Jan 2 • 51:04

Ep 10 | Victims

Dec 26 • 41:35

Throughout this podcast we've seen the victimization of people caught in the crosshairs of politics and corruption. Lives twisted or destroyed by those with great power and little accountability. This episode addresses one of the darkest political scandals in Oregon's history - a woman deeply damaged as a result of a childhood disrupted, by a man who became one of the most...

Ep 9 | Darkness

Dec 19 • 50:25

A sworn statement, unearthed in 2004, presents some very damning information involving one of Michael Francke's former co-workers. It also could have greatly aided in the defense of Frank Gable, were it presented during his trial. That document, along with others, sparks renewed interest in the Francke murder and once again places Phil at odds with his former employer....

Ep 8 | Judgement

Dec 12 • 41:33

Ep 7 | Patsy

Dec 5 • 51:47

More than a year after Michael Francke's death, public and political pressure is mounting to capture his killer. Then, in April of 1990, a small time Salem drug dealer named Frank Gable is arrested and indicted for his murder. But the case the state mounts against him raises serious questions and concerns....

Ep 6 | Rooster

Nov 28 • 44:37

Many people, including those closest to him, believe Tim 'Rooster' Natividad was involved in the murder of Michael Francke. His former girlfriend - and mother of his son - lays out the terrifying timeline of their relationship and the period leading up to, and after, Francke's murder. And it links to the mysterious man in the pinstripe suit....

Ep 5 | Depravity

Nov 21 • 44:35

Ep 4 | Corruption

Nov 14 • 44:40

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