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Multiplier Mindset® with Dan Sullivan

Business • Society-and-culture

Strategic Coach founder Dan Sullivan shares his wisdom and insights with entrepreneurs who want to multiply their freedom and success.

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Do Better Things With Your Time, with Leslie Fall

Nov 24 • 16:05

Since she joined The Strategic Coach® Program, people have been telling Leslie Fall, an entrepreneur in the field of medical education, how much more confident and clearer of vision she’s become. In this episode, she shares the tips she’s learned that have allowed her and her whole team to grow and spend their time doing what they’re good at....

Have More Fun And Get Bigger Results, with Tim Thackrah

Nov 10 • 13:56

Dental surgeon Tim Thackrah has had entrepreneurial involvement in many companies, including some outside of the dental industry. In this episode, he shares what he’s learned that’s allowing him to have more fun than ever in business and to get bigger results than he ever could before....

Expand Your Opportunities, with Elliott Neff

Oct 27 • 10:53

Elliott Neff is the founder and CEO of Chess4Life, an organization whose goal is to teach life skills through chess to one million kids a week. In this episode, Elliott shares the story of how the company used technology to pivot successfully when they had to shut down their physical locations, and how the business has more than doubled due to what Elliott has learned in T...

It’s Never Too Late To Transform, with Hao Lam

Oct 15 • 14:58

Retirement Means The Applause Stops

Oct 1 • 06:48

The Only Way To Be Free, with Erick Holliday

Sep 17 • 10:36:00

From a young age, Erick Holliday had the entrepreneurial drive. After 9/11 ended his advertising business, he spent many years as an employee. Then, after the 2008/2009 economic downturn and a personal tragedy, Erick’s eyes were opened to the fact that his career wasn’t just about making money, but about the impact he wanted to have on his family, his community, and the wo...

Create Wins By Using This Measurement

Sep 5 • 05:39

A Big Shortcut For Entrepreneurs, with José Barrios

Aug 18 • 13:59

José Barrios came to the United States from El Salvador as a political refugee when he was four years old. From a young age, he felt that he didn’t fit in, and it wasn’t until he joined The Strategic Coach® Program that he realized that this wasn’t because of language or cultural differences, but because of his entrepreneurial drive. Now, he owns a janitorial and maintenan...

Past And Future Traps, And How To Escape Them

Aug 6 • 07:45

Making Shopping Safer, with Sabrina Noorani

Jul 21 • 12:16

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