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MTV’s Behind the Music is back! The groundbreaking music documentary series returns with the best of the vault, updated and remastered for audio. Each episode profiles one of music’s most influential icons from 50 Cent to AC/DC, Courtney Love to Madonna, and more. Experience their unfilteredRead more

Popular episodes

New Kids On The Block

Dec 2 • 53:31

The pioneers of the original boy band are back. From the streets of Boston, New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) grew into an international phenomenon with the most dedicated fans in pop and R&B. Although they discovered their audience and won their fans over from the 80s to the 90s, fame eventually took its toll and personal struggles were exposed. Although the group disbanded i...

Bret Michaels

Nov 18 • 46:13

Since his time with the rock band Poison, Bret Michaels has come a long way. Armed with dedication to the rock ‘n roll dream, Michaels experienced the highs and lows of rock ‘n roll success with his bandmates. During the constant high of touring and partying, the frontman battled toxicity, fighting, and substance abuse. Reflecting on the key moments of his life, Michaels a...

Duran Duran

Nov 4 • 46:11

Duran Duran changed music when they introduced rock music onto the dance floor. As the leaders of the new romantic revolution, they did everything together and swept the 80s off their feet. The group created an innovative aesthetic that went beyond their music, from art to fashion. Fame also brought the band struggles — with alcohol, drugs, and inspiration. As the world ev...

Huey Lewis

Oct 21 • 52:30

This 80s pop-rocker is best known for his vocals on chart-topping songs like "The Power of Love" and "The Heart of Rock and Roll" by the band Huey Lewis and The News. Singer Huey Lewis entertained audiences on stage and on the big screen with cameos in films like Back To The Future, but it wasn't an easy road to stardom. Tragedy struck when Lewis was diagnosed with Meniere...

Adam Lambert

Oct 7 • 37:39

Glam-rock powerhouse, Adam Lambert, took pop music by storm with his handsome looks, electrifying stage theatrics and jaw-dropping vocal acrobatics. He has entertained across the stage, television and radio...and shocked the world along the way. Despite his success, Adam faced constant criticism about being too bold, too offensive and too gay. Hear interviews with family, ...

Guns N' Roses

Sep 30 • 39:09

Guns N' Roses emerged from the thicket of the hair metal jungle on Hollywood's Sunset Strip in the mid-80s and single-handedly reinvented rock and roll with righteous riffs and a real and present element of danger. The band became notorious as members dabbled with drugs, booze and other forms of debauchery. Thanks to arena-ready anthems that enraptured teens and enraged pa...


Sep 23 • 42:56

Hear the story behind Angus Young's schoolboy uniform and how AC/DC managed to take their raucous act out of Australia to become a worldwide phenomenon. In emotional interviews, the rockers talk about the death of former frontman Bon Scott and how -- in a twist of fate -- their first album without him would be one of the top 10 best selling in history. Despite enduring att...

Toni Braxton

Sep 9 • 37:54

Faced with health issues, financial distress, and familial tensions, R&B icon Toni Braxton’s story is a powerful one. Her career began with an impossible choice: stay with the family’s band, The Braxtons, or accept a solo record deal. She went solo and found great success, selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of copies of her runaway hit, Unbreak My Heart...that ...


Sep 2 • 55:06

Her desire to "rule the world" drew the dancer and fledgling musician from Detroit to New York's East Village where Madonna became a fixture on the early '80s punk scene. She turned heads with a sexy ragamuffin look that would eventually spawn a world of wannabes. Always leading the pop zeitgeist, Madonna's music has evolved from dance-pop to earthy R&B to balladry to tech...

Courtney Love (Part 2)

Aug 26 • 38:19

After the death of her husband Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love struggled to cope. She faced brutal attacks from the media and those close to her. Many believed she would self-destruct in an endless cycle of drugs, criticism, and rock and roll,however, Courtney made her way back to the top. Find out how and much more in Part 2 of Courtney Love’s story behind the music....

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