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MTG Pro Tutor is a top rated Magic: The Gathering podcast and here's why: professional Magic players and community notables share their origin stories twice a week (Tue & Fri) and impart actionable tips you can use the next time you sit down to play. Learn from the wealth of experience they'veRead more

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318: HUGE Announcement + Stop Over-Thinking with Michael Kundegraber (15th at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica)

Jan 4 • 51:18

Michael Kundegraber has been playing since 2000, back when rules consisted of semi-educated guesses and were always changed depending on whose parents’ kitchen table MtG was played at. Lately, he’s had some top results with a second place finish at Grand Prix Turin 2018 and a follow-up Top 16 performance at his first Pro Tour later that year. Michael lives in Vienna, Austria....

317: The Priceless Part of Magic with Zach Allen (13th at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica)

Dec 28 • 38:51

Zach Allen is a member of Team RIW from Farmington Hills, Michigan. He Co-hosts the podcast Turn One Thoughtseize and has 2 Grand Prix top 8s, a Pro Tour top 16, and 1 SCG top 8 in his record. He's a dedicated control player and Snapcaster Mage enthusiast....

316: Pro Tour Champion Andrew Elenbogen - Strength Through Humility (1st Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica)

Dec 21 • 01:20:12

Andrew Elenbogen has 3.5 Grand Prix top 8s. He recently won Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica and still doesn't believe it. Andrew is a return guest to the show and lives in Ann Arbor, MI....

315: Passion vs. Obsession with Kasper Nielsen (7th PT Guilds of Ravnica)

Dec 14 • 52:37

Kasper Nielsen has 2 Grand Prix top 8s and 1 Pro Tour top 8. He's also won 5 Prereleases. Kasper is from Denmark and is a returning guest to the podcast....

314: Try Your Best to Be Your Best with Zac Turgeon (5th GP New Jersey)

Dec 7 • 41:33

Zac Turgeon is a New England MTG grinder, who has top 8ed 1 Grand Prix and won an SCG Legacy Classic. He also enjoys cooking, music, writing and hopes to one day open an Ice Cream Shop. Zac lives in Dracut MA....

313: Don't Commit To Dead End Lines with GP Champion William Courson (1st GP Detroit 2018)

Nov 30 • 49:22

William Courson has been to 5 Grand Prix and has made top 64 twice, top 8 once and 1st place once when he became the champion of Grand Prix Detroit. He also has multiple top 64 finishes at SCG open events and has made day 2 of every invitational he's attended. William lives in Jacksonville, FL....

312: GP Champion Eli Kassis on How to Spot Magic: The Gathering Cheating (1st GP New Jersey 2018)

Nov 23 • 49:34

Eli Kassis returns to MTG Pro Tutor for the 3rd time as he keeps growing his accomplishments and notoriety. Eli now has 6 Grand Prix top 8s and is the Champion of Grand Prix New Jersey 2018. He has won an SCG Invitational and has 2 Pro Tour top 32’s. Eli lives in Vestal, NY and is a member of team Face to Face Games....

311: Never Play a Deck You Don't Like with Kellen Pastore (4th place GP New Jersey 2018)

Nov 16 • 49:42

Kellen Pastore is a 3 time Grand Prix Top 8 Competitor, a full-time grad student, and a noted enthusiast of linear aggro decks. Kellen lives in MAPLE GLEN, Pennsylvania....

310: Play More Lands and Make Good Friends to Succeed with Giordano Fagiolo (2nd place GP Brussels 2018)

Nov 9 • 27:53

Giordano Fagiolo is a rising star in competitive Magic and made it to the finals at his first Grand Prix ever! (GP Bruxelles 2018) Giordano lives in Albano Laziale, Rome, Italy....

309: Never Judge a Book by its Cover with Max Margolis

Nov 2 • 50:03

Max Margolis has been playing Magic competitively for 22 years. He has multiple Grand Prix day 2s with close cash finishes. Richmond 2018 was his first deep run to attempt to qualify for the Pro Tour. He barely missed qualifying for Cleveland by one win - but he did get 19th place. His biggest finish was at GP Denver where his team got top 4. He's had multiple top 8s in PP...

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