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Mt. Molehill

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Hosts Chase Young & Penny Parker take on the task of watching the expansive catalogue of Disney Channel Original Movies in order to theorize about the grander ideas hiding beyond the intention of even the filmmakers themselves. Nothing is off the table, and no hill is too short to be scaled.

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Episode 3: "'Twas the Night" aka The Arbitration of Morality

Dec 25 • 02:00:08

'Twas a bit before Christmas when this one was recorded
We watched a 2001 film, and its meaning we sorted
Into just one conclusion, and we hope you'll agree
It's so nice to be back for an episode three!...

Episode 2: "Brink!" aka The Iron Curtain Simulation

Oct 12 • 02:03:32

When you woke up this morning did you say to yourself, "Today I'm gonna TALK" or "Today I'm gonna listen to episode 2 of Mt. Molehill, in which we will discuss the 1998's Brink!, a sports film about a young inline skater. There was a bit of a struggle this week, as well as another allegorical finding of monumental proportion. Despite uncertainty, we believe we've yet again...

Pilot: "The Thirteenth Year" aka The Savior and His Inescapable Fate

Oct 1 • 01:49:14

In this first ever climb up Mt. Molehill we take on the job of analyzing 1999's The Thirteenth Year, a film about newly 13-year-old Cody Griffin and his mysterious transformation into a hideous wild animal of the sea. Beyond the text we find traces of a harrowing philosophy, as well as its potential connection to a rather famous theological narrative....

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