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Mr. 80 Percent


Host Mark Shanahan shares a deeply personal, sometimes harrowing, often funny, always true story about prostate cancer, a disease that affects him and millions of other men. With bracing candor and an eye for the absurd, Mark confronts cultural attitudes about masculinity, controversies surroundingRead more

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Episode 6: That Old Feeling

Oct 15 • 30:03

Episode 5: The Manopause

Oct 8 • 36:22

Mark confronts a disturbing reality: His surgery didn't get all the cancer. Which means he must undergo hormone therapy and radiation, a course of treatment that produces hot flashes, temper tantrums, and wild mood swings. The bonds of family and friends are severely tested, and it's their turn to testify. For more, visit Email us at prostate@glob...

Episode 4: Our Prostates, Ourselves

Oct 1 • 31:54

If you're Black and prostate cancer runs in your family, well, that's a lottery ticket nobody wants. Tom Farrington was holding one, and he's made it his mission ever since to educate Black men about their elevated risk for getting the disease. Tom talks to Mark about losing his father and both grandfathers to it. Mark also introduces us to Bill Tinney, whose impotence fol...

Episode 3: Hands of God

Sep 23 • 27:44

Episode 2: Chasing Hutch

Sep 23 • 25:45

Episode 1: Twelve Uneasy Pieces

Sep 23 • 23:02

Introducing Mr. 80 Percent

Sep 8 • 03:06

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