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Movement Athlete


This is a deep dive into all things movement so you can learn how to reclaim your body. John Lindsey and Dr. Wes Hendricks team up to chat with strength and movement influencers, nutrition experts, Doctors, industry experts and some really really smart people!

Popular episodes

Dr. Ryan DeBell | Movement Athlete Episode 21

Oct 6 • 01:31:37

Dr. DeBell has been my biggest source of inspiration for close to a decade now. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for some like Ryan leading the way, to show me you don’t need to do what everyone else is doing. Ryan just doesn’t think outside the box, he makes his box bigger ...

Ketchup | Movement Athlete Episode 20

Sep 29 • 35:40

Dr Mike Molloy | Movement Athlete Episode 19

Sep 21 • 53:04

One of the smartest human beings I know, Dr Mike Molloy talks macros, under eating and the simple 3H formula to recognize the signs and symptoms of not recovering, the 97% of things people aren’t actually focusing on with nutrition, Ashwagandha and does thinking burn calories….does it????...

Iona Holloway | Movement Athlete Episode 17

Sep 7 • 01:19:04

Iona is one of the smartest, wittiest and dare I say realest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. From being an All American athlete at the Division 1 level, author of #1 Best Seller Ghost - Why Perfect Women Shrink and now running a successful online coaching business that helps women stop shrinking their body, worth, and power through vulnerability, creativity, and...

Aja Barto | Movement Athlete Episode 17

Aug 30 • 58:47

3x CrossFit Games individual athlete, professional baseball player, Rogue sponsored athlete, unofficial world record holder - Barto might be Texas’s most hidden treasure. The list of his accomplishments goes on and on....

Nelson Cuadras | Movement Athlete Episode 16

Aug 24 • 01:06:03

We talk handstands, psychedelics, dating, man buns and constantly redefining his physicality through training. ...

Mailbag | Movement Athlete Episode 15

Aug 17 • 23:54

We are back with another mailbag episode, answering your questions + talking about whatever John Lindsey and Dr. Wes Hendricks want to talk about!...

Common Training Mistakes| Movement Athlete Episode 14

Jul 27 • 30:10

Are you making these training mistakes? John and Dr. Wes cover some of the most common training mistakes that could be holding back your progress in improving strength and mobility. ...

Overcoming Plateaus | Movement Athlete Episode 13

Jul 20 • 33:11

Plateau’s in training: Whether due to lack of progress, time commitments or injuries, it happens to everyone at some point. John and Dr. Wes sit down and discuss how they manage this for themselves as well their clients and patients. 


Mailbag | Movement Athlete Episode 12

Jul 12 • 30:34

Back at it with another mailbag episode, answering your questions + talking about whatever John Lindsey and Dr. Wes Hendricks want to talk about!...

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