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#27 - Alan Heymann on Making Successful Career Transitions

Aug 26 • 55:24
Alan Heymann is an Executive Coach who excels at helping leaders in transition and those looking to do great work. With a special knack for coaching introverts, Alan brings a warm and energetic presence to his coaching practice.
In this episode, we explore Alan's experience working with a coach during his time as an executive leader. We also discuss the subtle moments of i...

#26 - Rolf Evenson on Helping Leaders Find Clarity in Chaos

Jun 23 • 59:43
Rolf Evenson is an Executive Advisor and Coach. As the co-founder of ClearMind Advisors, Rolf works with leaders and teams globally, helping them create positive and lasting change. 
In this conversation, we explore the transformative insight that led to Rolf's healing of a traumatic childhood experience, and how his realization points to the natural capacity we have to ov...

#25 - Andrew Barry on Transformational Learning

Feb 3 • 45:44
Andrew Barry joins me on the podcast to explore Transformational Learning. Andrew is a learning expert, who has spent well over a decade helping organizations, teams and individuals accelerate and improve their learning. Currently a Program Director for On Deck and CEO of his learning consultancy, Curious Lion, Andrew helps leaders and course creators improve how they desi...

#24 - Jonathan Armes on Thought Intelligence for Higher Business Performance

Jan 15 • 46:50
Jonathan Armes joins me on the podcast. Jonathan is an occupational psychologist who, through his firm Capital-Shift, specializes in helping business leaders and teams reach higher levels of leadership and performance. His approach, coined "Thought Intelligence", is at the cutting edge of psychology and is striking in both its impact and simplicity.
If you are a business o...

#23 - David Kadavy On Unleashing Your Creative Genius

Sep 29 • 58:36
David Kadavy joins me on this episode. David is an independent writer, blogger, and podcaster. He has written several books, including the best-selling "Design for Hackers", "The Heart to Start" and the soon to be released "Mind Management (Not Time Management)". 
In this conversation, we explore David's career journey and intuitive call to step off a promising career trac...

#22 - Adam Tank On Taking The Entrepreneurial Leap

Sep 15 • 46:15

#21 - Jeff Kinsey on Finding Your Path in Life and Leadership

Aug 18 • 50:10

Jeff Kinsey joins me on the podcast to explore the insights that led to a radical lifestyle and career transformation. We also dive deep into his unique way of helping leaders and teams be more human as a coach and organizational consultant. A former banker, Jeff discovered that there was a different way to live, and followed insight and wisdom in moving with his family to...

#20 - Uday Dandavate: SonicRim's CEO on Poetry, Design Activism and Creativity

Aug 4 • 42:17
"Every human being has the ability to transcend their reality and think constructively and imagine a different future.” ~ Uday Dandavate
Uday Dandavate joins me for this podcast to discuss his new book of poetry “a window for a home without walls”, the importance of collaborative innovation, and why design activism - not design thinking - is needed now more than ever. 

#19 - Flexing Your Creative Muscle

Jul 27 • 16:44

When was the last time you created something from scratch? If you need to think more than a few seconds about it, chances are you are missing a key ingredient to a satisfying and successful day....

#18 - Austin Belcak Shares His Best Strategies For Landing Your Dream Job

Jan 21 • 44:55

Austin Belcak joins me on this episode of the podcast to discuss unconventional methods for landing your dream job. Austin and I both believe that the current system for finding and landing jobs is broken (both for hiring managers and those seeking jobs). There is a lot of noise and not enough signal. Early sidetracks (or missteps) in one’s career or education also can be ...

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