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Mother Daughter Earth: an Environmental Sustainability Podcast


Mother Daughter EarthCast was created to help you navigate the eco world and live a more colorful and conscious life. Episodes provide insightful conversations with environmental warriors who share their unique perspective on all things sustainability and help you embrace your personal and uniqueRead more

Popular episodes

35. Pest control that doesn't harm you or nature - with Lin Ellis

Nov 8 • 52:57

In this episode we talk with Lin Ellis, founder of Eco Friends Organic Pest Control.  She and her company advocate for an environmentally-conscious pest control industry that protects their clients and the environment. We didn't realize how much of the wild west this industry still is, and Lin has been at the forefront paving the way for others. We loved hearing about her ...

34. Fun & practical eco-minded education -- with Devon Whalen

Sep 13 • 52:15

This story all started when a dynamic family of four created Green Whale in 2020 to help families integrate eco-minded habits and have fun learning about sustainable living. Co-founder Devon talks to us about her Green Whale journey and shares how she uses her formal education in curriculum, instruction, and learning design and over 10 years of developing learning experien...

33. The eco products that changed our lives

Aug 24 • 46:47

My mom and I are always on the hunt for eco products that we love. We spend a lot of time and resources figuring out which ones are actually good, and we have definitely had some busts along the way. These however are our favorite eco products and the ones we use almost every day! Hope this helps. Let us know which products you like best....

32. Wetlands as a city's natural water filtration system -- with Linda Dunn

Jul 27 • 39:31

In this episode of Mother Daughter EarthCast, we sit down (in person!) with Linda Dunn, the Education Manager at the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center. We go in depth about the role that their wetlands play in cleaning the North Texas water supply, what educational programs they offer, and the opportunities and challenges involved with replicating this model in other areas....

31. How to create a bird haven in your yard -- with Ron Mills

Jul 13 • 57:58

On this episode of Mother Daughter EarthCast, we chat with Ron Mills, the owner of the East Dallas location of Wild Birds Unlimited. Wild Birds Unlimited is the original and largest franchise system of backyard bird feeding and nature specialty stores with more than 300 locations throughout the United States and Canada. They specialize in bringing people and nature togethe...

30. How nature teaches us life lessons

Jul 6 • 30:45

The past year and a half seems to have been one lesson in patience after another, and it made us think about how nature has taught us so many things as well. People ask us a lot about how we communicate with nature and what that is like. In this episode, we dive deeper into what learning from nature is like for us and what it has been sharing lately. ...

29. Don't reinvent, just rewild -- with Matt Stubbs

Jun 23 • 52:42

Matt Stubbs is a Sr. Associate at the Kevin Sloan Studio, an internationally recognized landscape architecture firm based here in Dallas, TX. Matt received his degree in Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M, and he and his colleagues are dedicated to creating spaces where landscape architecture, urban design and the environment meet culture and in turn foster vibrant comm...

28. Transforming a community and repurposing urban dead space -- with Friends of the Northaven Trail

Jun 7 • 48:08

In this episode, we have a great conversation with two Board Members and volunteers with Friends of the Northaven Trail, an organization in Dallas, TX that supports, maintains, and beautifies one of North Dallas’ most popular hike and bike trail....

27. The beauty of perennial southern bulbs -- with Chris Wiesinger, The Bulb Hunter

Apr 26 • 49:51

Chris Wiesinger is the owner of The Southern Bulb Company ( in Golden, Texas and co-author of The Bulb Hunter. ...

26. The magical life of a Monarch butterfly and why they need our help -- with Janet Smith

Apr 13 • 51:05

In this episode, Janet Smith paints an amazing picture of what life is like for a Monarch butterfly, what the state of their population is, why we should be concerned, and what we can do to help them....

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