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An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.

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The Investment Maven (Salome CHEN, Property and Technology Developer)

Jul 20 • 37:06

Coinciding with the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, it's fitting that today's episode includes a family history that spans a similar historical timeframe.

Salome Chen is a child of the 清 [Qīng] and 明 [Míng] Dynasties, as well as a child of the modern Chinese property boom. So in many ways she personifies the quirky mix of tradition and ...

The Beats Collector ("DJ BO", International DJ)

Jul 13 • 38:04

What can anyone learn from a DJ? It turns out… a helluva lot, especially when the DJ in question is DJ BO. Based in China for the last decade, DJ BO has led a peripatetic life which has taken him on countless adventures in the pursuit of sharing his love of eclectic music, most famously becoming the first international DJ to ever play a set in North Korea.

DJ BO's roots in ...

The Fashion Journalist (Casey HALL, The Business of Fashion)

Jun 29 • 38:36

We started off Season 02 of the podcast with a chat with the Chief Consumer Officer of L'Oréal China. And now that we've reached Episode 22 of the season, it's time to revisit the Chinese consumer from a different angle. Our guest today is Casey Hall, who has spent the last 14 years in China as a journalist, both as the Managing Editor of a city lifestyle magazine network,...

The Car Designer (Ajay JAIN, Geely)

Jun 22 • 38:44

China is the world's largest vehicle market, both by manufacturing output and by annual sales. And at the heart of that business is the strategic car designer, someone who can not only plot a future design vision for the company, but can also work in collaboration with engineers and marketers to turn that vision into a reality.

Ajay Jain has been designing cars since he cou...

The Improv Artist (Michelle QU, The Improviser Alliance)

Jun 15 • 36:49

To make friends with other people, it helps if you share the same sense of humour. So it can sometimes be a challenge to make meaningful friendships with people from other cultures, with whom you don't share the same historical background, comic sensibilities, or even speech patterns. This might be a common story for some people in China, but have no fear, because Michelle...

The Student Strategist (Seth HARVEY, Education Coach)

Jun 8 • 36:43

The image of the foreigner teacher in China stands for two things. Firstly, it represents one of the most popular ways that someone seeking experience overseas can find their first footing, especially in a place like China. For some people it's a stepping stone into something else in that new country, and for others - like today's guest Seth Harvey - it becomes a gateway i...

The Supermarket Sourcer (Jo MCFARLAND, Sainsbury's/Argos)

Jun 1 • 34:36

Most of us are guilty of putting items in our shopping trolleys without giving one moment's thought as to where they came from. Jo McFarland doesn't have that luxury, because she's the one in charge of sourcing thousands of items - from around 500 factories in China - for two of the most famous high-street retail names in the United Kingdom, Sainsbury's and Argos.

Sourcing ...

The Swedish Clown (Björn DAHLMAN, Clowns Without Borders)

May 25 • 41:36

Any speechwriter will corroborate that you can use the art of self-deprecation to engage an audience in ways that cannot be achieved through other rhetorical tricks. But if you adopt the wrong tone, it can come across as inauthentic, unfunny, and - worst of all - creepy. It takes a surprising amount of thoughtfulness, skill and intelligence to make yourself the subject of ...

The Metal Head (Cassandra CHEN, Inferno Bar)

May 18 • 29:26

We can all be guilty of making sweeping generalisations about nationalities and cultures. But not all Dutch are liberal; not all Brazilians can dance, and not all New Zealanders like rugby. So it should come as no surprise to you that not all Chinese people are into pop music. Especially when it comes to Cassandra Chen, who owns 'Inferno', the one and only bar in China tha...

Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Bonus Episode on 'Connectivity'

Apr 27 • 21:00

Sometimes you don't know quite what you're doing and why you're doing it, until you sit down one day and take the time to evaluate it. And that's the day you might realise that the meaning of your work has somehow morphed into something you hadn't planned.

In order to reach this realisation, it helps to be interviewed by a professional journalist! Thank you to Rebecca Kanth...

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